• August 6, 2020

Moving from Client to Client-less

Over the past several months, I have been speaking with and visiting a wide variety of our customers. Many have been customers since the Seagull GUI/400 product days. Some are still using GUI/400, JWalk/Winja and LegaSuite GUI as a strategic part of their applications. These products are highly reliable and provide great functionality and developer productivity. Yet, there are a lot of great reasons to take a look at moving to Rocket’s newer client-less technology UX products.

First, by going client-less, users no longer need to manage client software on every device. With the new offerings like LegaSuite Web, the system runs on the server. All the client needs for the user interface is a web browser. Users no longer need to deploy new releases to every client or troubleshoot problems on each client device. In addition, LegaSuite Web eliminates the need for desktop browser plugins. This is important because many of the browser developers are eliminating support for those plugins due to security concerns. If desktop integration is a requirement, it can still be done using JavaScript or Web services.

For portability, LegaSuite Web provides support for HTML 5 application generation which allows the application user interface to run on any device. Develop the UI once using LegaSuite Web and then access it from your Windows machine, Mac, tablet or mobile device. With LegaSuite Web, users can create responsive user interfaces that automatically resize for any device.
The developers at Rocket have been busily adding support for all the new web and mobile interface widgets to LegaSuite Web. Developers can easily add email, spell checking, locale aware calendars, tree controls and other standard web widgets to their user interfaces. They can drag and drop a web service right onto the web interface in to link the IBM i (AS/400) web interface to other applications. Users can also easily embed charts and graphs as well as database queries right into their web pages.

LegaSuite Web is only part of the modernization story from Rocket. If users require even more flexibility they can use Rocket’s powerful API generator, Rocket API. Rocket API allows users to rapidly and easily create RESTful Web Services from any IBM i application. And since Rocket API uses the 5250 data stream for creating those APIs, they can be created without changing any of the underlying RPG code. Once users have created the APIs they want, they can custom build the UI using whatever tools they want. They can build applications from scratch with Node.js and Angular, Ruby, Python and PHP and access the services or they can build UIs with tools like the Adobe Suite or Mobile tools like XCode. They can also simply drag and drop those newly created services onto a Web UI created with LegaSuite Web.

So, although LegaSuite GUI and the other venerable LegaSuite products like GUI/400, JWalk and Winja still provide value, it might be time to look at a trade-in to take advantage of all the new capabilities Rocket provides. Rocket offers generous terms for our customers who want to adopt our newest products. Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary consultation or register for our upcoming educational webinar.

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