• June 30, 2022

Live from SHARE 2017: The API Revolution on IBM Z

IBM z14Recently, Rocket’s partners at IBM unveiled the z14, the newest installment in its venerable line of mainframes. The z14 is the fastest mainframe ever to hit the market, capable of unprecedented processing power and representing a new era in what Big Iron can do for banks, digital businesses, and the world of computing. More than anything else, this mighty mainframe promises to foster big changes to the API economy – an API revolution all on its own.

The Application Programming Interface, or API, is the digital glue that holds services, applications, and systems together, allowing creators to exploit data to create a more compelling customer experience. With APIs, businesses can deliver more personalized customer engagement across various digital channels, get new and innovative offerings to market faster, simplify and streamline partnerships, and evolve their IT infrastructure to get in on the ground floor of the latest technological advances.

IBM Z mainframes, servers, and software have long been at the core of trusted digital experiences, and the z14 offers the sort of power that is needed to really kick the API economy into high gear. IBM z/OS Connect helps developers for web, mobile, and cloud discover and call any IBM Z application, providing both RESTful APIs to z/OS users and complete infrastructure reports to developers across various fields.

We’re proud that Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) is at the forefront of taking advantage of this newfound processing power. RDV extends the ability of IBM z/OS Connect to provide RESTful APIs to z/OS data, giving users unprecedented real-time access to their data and keeping all assets secure within the mainframe without the need for unwieldy extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations. With z/OS Connect and Rocket Data Virtualization running on the lightning-fast z14 mainframe, users can unlock the power of Big Iron for the API economy.

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