• January 28, 2022

Preparing for SHARE 2017

SHARE 2017Twice a year, enterprise IT professionals flock to SHARE, an independent, volunteer-run information technology conference that gives attendees the chance to learn, network, and influence the industry. Rocket is proud to be a platinum sponsor for SHARE 2017, which will take place next week in Providence, just one hour from Rocket headquarters in Waltham, MA. I’m especially excited to be joining dozens of Rocketeers as we continue to articulate Rocket’s concept of the modern mainframe as a powerful tool to solve some of the world’s most vexing business and technical problems.

Rocketeers will be leading 11 presentations covering all things mainframe, discussing why big iron is poised to change so much across so many industries – especially in the finance sector, which relies on mainframes to do the sort of secure, fast, high-volume processing they require. We’ll be talking about how mainframes can provide increased security, real-time inter-organizational transfers. We’ll also showcase data virtualization to streamline transactions, prevent fraud, and generally make the entire finance industry more healthy and secure.

Rocketeers will also be working with our partners at IBM to discuss the revolutionary new z14 mainframe, which was introduced a few weeks ago. The z14 is the fastest, most secure mainframe ever built, and is perfectly suited to providing new capabilities for banks and other fiduciary organizations. Mainframe publications (not to mention the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Wired!) have been quick to praise the z14 as offering new and impressive layers of security combined with blazing speed.

If you’re planning on being at SHARE, feel free to come by our booth (302) to say hello and to learn more about what we’re doing. If not, all of our presentations will be available to the public in a few weeks.

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