• January 28, 2022

SHARE Providence 2017: That’s a Wrap!

Building and fostering relationships is central to what we do here at Rocket. After another inspiring and productive SHARE conference, I’m reminded that those relationships—whether it’s with our customers, with our partners, with industry groups (like SHARE), or between Rocketeers—make our work here special on a personal, as well as a business, level.

For example, all those great presentations we saw from our Rocketeers this year on topics such as mainframe modernization and digital transformation and millennial mainframers—many produced in collaboration with our business partners—showcase the impressive fruits of our collective labor. As does the IBM z14, whose announcement last month certainly dominated a lot of the talk at SHARE Providence.

Beyond our shared dedication to see the mainframe continue to succeed, though, one of the most important bonds holding the IBM z partners together is SHARE. SHARE is an incredibly important relationship for Rocket not only because it allows us to showcase our achievements twice a year, but because it allows us to join forces with other mainframers to pursue initiatives that benefit the mainframe world as a whole.

Dan MartinOur connection to SHARE, I should say, is also personal one: Dan Martin, a Rocket senior software engineer, serves as Director of Industry Influence for the SHARE Board of Directors and was recently elected to a two-year term to continue in that role. All told, Dan has spent more than a decade at SHARE working tirelessly to pursue mainframe innovation through projects such as SHARE’s Linux and VM Program. But since last fall, he’s been focusing on SHARE’s participation in LEAD-IT, which involves partnership between several organizations for the purpose of developing and promoting Federal Registered Apprenticeship training for enterprise IT job roles. This collaboration is working to address the well-known skills gap, something which has a profound impact on all the players in the mainframe space. For his work on this project and on all his previous projects, I want to say that Rocket is proud of Dan, and that we’re also proud of our long and fruitful relationship with SHARE.

SHARE Providence served as both a celebration and a reminder of how important relationships are for our organization. Together, we can achieve more than we could alone. So, with that I say, on to the next one! I can’t wait to see everyone at SHARE in Sacramento next March, and to see just what kinds of innovations we’ll come up with by then.

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