• June 30, 2022

Joining the API Economy on IBM i

The API economy is creating new and exciting business opportunities for enterprises. According to a recent survey by Coleman Parkes Research, 88% of all enterprises employ APIs, and 54% of API users helps differentiate their businesses from competitors. Results like these state a compelling case for the use of APIs, but in our own survey of IBM i users, Rocket discovered that only 38% of the respondents are currently employing them.

That disparity is surprising, because APIs are a really good way for IBM i shops to expose host-based data and functionality in web, mobile, and IoT applications. Most IBM i applications weren’t written with data sharing in mind, so aren’t APIs a simple answer?

Many IBM i shops seem to think not, according to Rocket survey respondents. They told us that the two primary reasons they haven’t created APIs are that they don’t have the expertise, and they don’t have the time. It’s common for IBM i developers know RPG and COBOL, but far less common for them to know Node.js or Go, and their people are too busy to focus on building APIs anyway.

The good news is that it really isn’t hard to bridge the knowledge gap and create APIs on the IBM i – no coding required! With Rocket API, you can join the API economy and unlock the value of your IBM i applications. Rocket API enables developers to work at the business level to identify and expose workflows, rather than having to work at the technical level, coding in RPG. Now developers can easily access real-time transactional data from IBM i applications to build web and mobile apps, consume shop-floor information using IoT technology, build real-time executive dashboards, and more.

Rocket API’s latest release introduces new functionality that bolsters your ability to profit from the API economy. New security features enable you to provide enhanced SSO capabilities, click-button deployment allows for easy distribution of APIs among multiple gateways, and new monitoring functionality provides details about API usage that you can use to monetize your valuable IBM i code assets. Click here to find out more about how Rocket API can help you join the API economy!

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