• May 17, 2022

Ready, Set, Build

There are certain parts of my job I like more than others, but in recent years our annual Rocket.Build development contest – which starts tonight in our corporate headquarters in Waltham – has become my favorite event here at Rocket. This year we moved it from December to October, so this feels like an early Christmas present for me. After all, what could be better than nearly 140 Rocketeers participating in five days of non-stop intense innovation?

If past Rocket.Build events are any indication, all 38 teams that have been selected for this year’s event will work around the clock (powered by midnight waffles and early morning donuts) to finish their projects before the judging begins. And once the results are tabulated, we’ll announce the winners at a gala event at the Hard Rock Café on Thursday night – featuring a performance by The Rocket Band.

Rocket.Build is about more than snacks, bugs, and rock and roll. It’s where Rocketeers come from all over the world to break down walls and silos and work toward a common goal: building the Rocket of the future. This year most of our projects have a common theme: APIs. APIs play a critical role in helping organizations generate value from their hard-to-access data, and companies that can successfully monetize their information have a clear advantage over their competitors. Our mission is to help our customers take advantage of the API economy, and this year’s Rocket.Build projects will play a big role in helping us do that in the following areas:

Rocket.Build 2017

I have no idea which project is going to win this year. But I do know that all of our teams are working on important projects, and that many of their innovations will find their way to our customers and partners in the coming years.

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Andy Youniss co-founded Rocket Software in 1990 and continues to be the company's main driving force. Andy successfully established and actively manages Rocket's largest OEM partnerships and is guiding the company's growth through technology investments, acquisitions, new product lines, and strategic partnerships. Prior to founding Rocket Software, Andy was the development manager for DB View Inc., a software company specializing in DB2 database tools. Previously, he was a programmer/analyst at American Management Systems, and was also a project development consultant. Andy holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.


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