• July 3, 2020

Now Available: Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation with Rocket BlueZone Web

You should be able to say with confidence that your workforce is operating as responsively, and as productively as possible. That means finding a solution that can address the growing disparity of operating systems and platforms in a remote and secure way.

This week, we announced the release of Rocket BlueZone Web. New to the Rocket Terminal Emulation product family, BlueZone Web is a secure, zero-footprint solution for delivering access to host systems via a browser. No matter what device you’re working on–desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone–your employees will be able to access your enterprise applications securely, wherever they are.

Rocket BlueZone Web makes accessing your host system more convenient for your employees, and helps them serve your customers better. Rather than walking halfway across your facility to check a terminal, they never have to leave the customer’s side.

At the same time, the architecture of BlueZone Web is designed to help you reduce IT overhead, both through adoption of lower-cost devices and elimination of software and updates to workstations. Your employees can focus on serving customers, and your administrative staff can stop worrying about terminal emulation deployments across your enterprise devices.

BlueZone web is also more secure than older terminal emulators.  At its heart is a Node.js server that serves all of the terminal emulation functionality up via HTML5, accessed via a browser.  There is no need for unsecure browser plugins like ActiveX or Java, and built in host-based security and end-to-end data protection help keep your data safe.

Rocket BlueZone Web

For more information visit www.rocketsoftware.com.

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