• January 28, 2022

Rocket Gives Back to the Community – Community Day 2017

I have been looking forward to Rocket Community Day all year long.

Since joining Rocket 11 months ago, I’ve heard many things about this favorite annual volunteer event; stories of coworkers crawling into soup kitchen ovens, others who worked out retired greyhounds, or decorated children’s hospital floors, and some who cried through 5 hours of chopping onions. With over 1000 Rocketeers across the globe participating, Rocket Community Day doesn’t just connect us as coworkers, but as neighbors devoted to improving our communities. To have this simultaneous experience in common with people all over the world—Boston, Shanghai, Yokohama, and Bangalore to name a few— is humbling, and inspiring beyond description.

I am extremely proud to be a Rocketeer every day, but I may have been most proud this past week on Rocket Community Day.

Most Rocketeers group up and tackle projects together on Community Day. This year, Rocketeers in Denver, CO worked with Habitat for Humanity on the construction of homes for veterans. Beijing Rocketeers visited a primary school where they spent the day drawing, and making lunch with the children. The Dalian Rocketeers also volunteered at a school where they taught students beginner programming, and English. Everyone is given the freedom to choose how they spend the day, allowing everyone to contribute to a cause that’s important to them. Many Rocketeers gathered items for donation, or organized donation drives within their office.

As for my Community Day, I donated blood at a nearby blood drive. It’s something I’ve done many times before, but had been meaning to do for months since moving to Boston. It’s an important cause to me, and I’m grateful to have been given the flexibility to follow through.

Beginning as an intern last summer, I have heard again and again how inseparable the “One Rocket” philosophy is to our identity as Rocketeers. It’s about treating customers as people, Rocketeers as family, and our communities as extensions of our household. It’s one thing to hear about, but another thing entirely to put it into practice. Every Community Day, Rocketeers do not hesitate to open their hearts and invite the world into our One Rocket family. 


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