• July 1, 2022

Live from SHARE 2018 Sacramento: IMS Administration Tool, the Cockpit for the Modern IMS DBA

This week I had the pleasure of attending the SHARE Sacramento conference, speaking with customers and business partners, and presenting on a topic I am very passionate about, IMS and the new IBM IMS Administration Tool V1.1. In my mind this product is so significant because it represents IBM and Rocket’s continued commitment to innovation and investment in IMS Tools and the IMS engine. This product is the culmination of listening to our closest customers and IMS users via Design Thinking feedback sessions and constantly staying in lock step with IMS and their strategic initiatives and developing IMS Tools that support those initiatives. For example, the IMS Admin Tool is the first of its kind to support the IMS catalog and IMS’s move to managed ACB libraries.

At Rocket, we love IBM Z and IMS. IMS is still the most secure, highest performing, and lowest cost hierarchical database management software for online transaction processing (OLTP). The IMS Tools portfolio of products are the smart and powerful applications that help manage, maintain, and optimize the performance of IMS databases. The new IMS Administration Tool is the perfect example of this and we built it with the following goals in mind:

  1. Assemble and centralize a collection of essential database maintenance and analysis functions appropriate to support and ease the primary duties of the IMS DBA.
  2. Design the product to be modular for easy customer use and future product growth.
  3. Provide two visually impressive and logical user interface choices that place all functions and data views at your fingertips.

We achieved these goals with the first release of the IMS Admin Tool, and we intend to deliver even more functionality in it through our continuous delivery model. We see it as the new flag ship tool in our IBM IMS Tools portfolio and everyone involved in the project couldn’t be prouder of our results. In version 1 of the product, which is what I showed at the SHARE event, the following IMS catalog management features were covered.

  • Adopt the IMS catalog with ease – Catalog space utilization reports show you the current state of your active and pending catalog libraries for efficient planning and maintenance.
  • Analyze and compare your IMS catalog and ACB libraries – Inspect details and pinpoint discrepancies quickly.
  • Support COBOL copybook files – Include copybook data during bulk import and export of objects into and from the IMS catalog, interactively or scheduled via batch.

There’s much more the first version of the IMS Admin Tool can do from managing your DBDs and PSBs, to submitting SQL commands to view IMS data, and generating task-based, error free JCL. I covered all of it during my SHARE session and I’d be happy to give that presentation again if you missed it. IMS Admin Tool truly is the modern IMS DBA’s cockpit and puts you in better control of IMS database maintenance, management, and analysis decisions. If you’d like to hear more or see a demo please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to discuss this product as well as any of our other IMS Tools and our exciting plans for further innovation and investment going forward.

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Joe Sacco is Senior Manager of Software Engineering in the Rocket IMS Tools group


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