• June 30, 2022

Live from SHARE 2018 Sacramento: Millennials, Mainframes and Me

IBM z14Fresh out of college and working on the mainframe may not typically be what most millennials would imagine as their first job, but with the modernization of the mainframe, who’s to say it isn’t? I started my career as an IMS intern at IBM working on running test cases day-in and day-out on a green screen –  and was quite perplexed with what I had gotten myself into. And seeing a mainframe in person still left me with questions about what I was doing.

But fast forward a few years, and I have a better understanding of how powerful the mainframe is. I’m now here at Rocket Software playing a small part in the modernization of the mainframe using the skill sets I attained in college…and I’m still able to stay current with today’s technologies. Nowadays, you often hear tech industry buzzwords (artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, among others) being thrown around, but this week at SHARE Sacramento more than 1000 of us have the opportunity to discover and learn how these buzzwords have been incorporated into the modernization of the mainframe.

As the mainframe becomes more modernized through new UIs, improved workflows, and the incorporation of new technologies, a whole new career path for millennials is now wide open because the mainframe appears somewhat familiar to them. I personally find it exciting to see how much progress has been made to the modernization of the mainframe from when I was an intern up until today, and I cannot wait to see how much more it will grow as the years go by. The mainframe has been around for a long time, but as long as we continue to improve it and keep it up to date, it is here to stay.

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