• June 29, 2022

Change a Core Application without Breaking its APIs

Every programming student begins their education with the fundamentals of code logic. “Have the conditions been met? If yes, execute the action. If no, do nothing.”

The Stencyl workspace palette
Up close view of Stencyl logic blocks

The open source video game-building application, Stencyl, teaches conditional logic in the form of visual, puzzle-piece-like blocks of code that the user drags onto the workspace in specific ways. The application teaches students to think top to bottom; the program fulfills the highest rules first, and everything below must seamlessly fill in the blanks. When that doesn’t happen, Stencyl highlights the errors and prompts the user with advice. It lets you know when something won’t work before you run the program.

Back in the real world, we know programming at the scale of an enterprise is not nearly as neat and tidy. When there are errors in the code—you better start digging.

Fortunately for API developers, Rocket API is a tool that automatically tests the integrity of an API when changes are made to its source applications. When you make any changes to a core application from which APIs have been built with Rocket API, the application is automatically interrogated to ensure any changes made don’t have unexpected repercussions to the API. The result is hours of avoided headaches.

This built-in intelligence is essential for businesses using mature, hand coded applications. APIs are complicated, often drawing from multiple sources in varying bite-sized chunks. No matter how old the application, it’s natural for changes to be made over time, so APIs derived from these apps are at constant risk of breaking whenever the core app is modified. The usual method of screen-scraping to create APIs is an effective band-aid—assuming your core application never changes—otherwise, a new screen-scraper must be coded every time. But Rocket API does much more than a screen-scraper. It captures data at the business logic layer, not at the screen layer, making it both sustainable and easy to use. Rocket API helps organizations deliver more APIs in less time, for less money, and stop undercutting years of proven investments. To learn more about Rocket API, visit our website.

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