• May 17, 2022

Welcome to Rocket India

I recently joined Rocket Software as Global VP/General Manager of our India operations, and this week is an important one for the company as we begin to expand in both Pune and Bengaluru. Not only are we officially opening our offices here, but three of our executives – CEO Any Youniss, CPO Anjali Arora, and VP Puneet Kohli – are presenting at the Great India Developer Summit, one of the country’s top engineering forums.

Rocket Software celebrated its 28th birthday this month, but April 2018 also marks another milestone: our first foray into India. I joined the company to run our operations in two locations, Pune and Bengaluru, and one of our core goals for 2018 is hiring full teams in both cities. So why is India so important to Rocket, and what roles are we looking to fill? Let’s start at the beginning.

Rocket Bangalore
Rocket Bengaluru grand opening

When Rocket started in 1990 we had one lab outside of Boston. Everything was integrated – sales, engineering, admin, marketing – because everyone was in one place. That’s how it was for almost 15 years: one office, one team. As the company’s product offerings grew, Rocket became a major development partner with IBM, a relationship that continues to the present day. When we needed to augment our stack, we embarked on a strategy of acquisitions – more than 40 and counting. For the first time, Rocket had a footprint outside of Boston. If you look at the Rocket map today, we have locations all over the world.

Now that we are at 1500+ Rocketeers, we needed a new way to organize our resources that goes beyond the historical labs that supported specific products. That’s why we now have Rocket Centres of Excellence (RCOE) that are driven by our broader strategy to expand and improve the company’s global R&D capabilities and realign innovation around solutions to specific problems rather than by product. These are all hubs where our product development strategy will be executed.

We need to hire at all levels. We’re looking for managers and directors who will be part of the Rocket leadership, not just part of the India team. So even as we hire dozens of engineers and programmers, we’re also looking for senior-level talent. We also need to hire people who share, and are committed to, Rocket values. That’s important if we want the Centre of Excellence here in India to be an integral part of the company rather than simply a coding shop.

I am proud that our India team is one of the company’s elite Centres of Excellence, and it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly. We already have a number of people in Bengaluru (including several who will be at the global Rocket.Build coding event in June), and my number one priority is to build our group as quickly as possible. All you need to do is visit our website to learn more about our open opportunities in India…and around the world.

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Shantanu Ghosh is Managing Director and VP of Rocket’s centers of excellence in China and India.


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