• August 6, 2020

IBM Spectrum Protect with Rocket Servergraph: Solving Your 5 Biggest Backup Problems

The workload of backup professionals has only increased as backup environments have grown and diversified—something you’ve probably experienced firsthand. Between regular investments in backup technologies, acquisition of other businesses (bringing aboard their own backup systems,) and the lists of SLAs backup admins are expected to meet, it’s no wonder reporting on all of them is so time consuming. As an IBM Spectrum Storage customer, you’re familiar with the strengths of IBM Spectrum Protect as a reporting tool. But in this day-and-age of muti-vendor backup environments, faster insight across all your backup technologies is a requirement.

Our answer? Pairing IBM Spectrum Protect with Rocket Servergraph. IBM Spectrum Protect amplified by Servergraph grants you unmatched visibility into your backup environment so you’ll be aware of potential and existing issues in real-time across all types of hardware.

When combined with IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly known as TSM). Servergraph maximizes your IBM Spectrum Storage investments using the latest in reporting, and compliance technologies. You can be sure you’re getting the most from your backup environment with Servergraph’s array of customizable reports, extended history and forecasting, additional tape library management tools, and much more. For the complete list of features, download the eBook.

Servergraph TSM eBook


We’ve identified three of your 5 biggest backup problems, and solved them all with Rocket Servergraph and IBM Spectrum Protect. For the complete list of challenges Servergraph addresses, download the eBook now.


Problem 1: Backup administrators need a way to simplify alert and notification management.

Solved: Rocket Servergraph greatly extends the functionality of Spectrum Protect’s notification features with tools that allow for real-time alerts, and customizable dashboards that can be designed with every level of user in mind. Receive detailed alerts, and enable administrators to precisely respond to issues with the latest information available and delivered directly to their inbox.


Problem 2: System-specific reporting tools are too limited in scope for today’s multi-vendor backup environments, and do not offer the history to create reports that cover extended periods of time.

Solved: Rocket Servergraph aggregates performance data from both primary and distributed backup servers in a separate database, leaving your day-to-day backup operations unaffected. On top of Spectrum Protect’s existing features, Servergraph extends the length of data retention indefinitely. Usage trends and forecasting has never been easier.


Problem 3: Tape libraries continue to be an important asset in backup environments, but reporting tools have not kept pace with today’s information needs.

Solved: We’ll keep it simple; Servergraph does. Servergraph provides reporting on detailed data on tape libraries from IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) and other vendors.


Download the full eBook to learn about the remaining problems here.


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