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Rocket BlueZone Web: Your Questions Answered


“The Future of Terminal Emulation is Here” webinar was conducted on May 16, 2018 to get you better acquainted with BlueZone Web. The following questions have been selected from discussions during, and immediately following the webinar that we’d like to address further with you.

  1. Is there a server, and where does it run?

BlueZone Web is a 3-Tier solution. Your browser simply connects through to the server and establishes a secure connection. BlueZone Web can be installed on virtually any server.

  1. Will bringing emulation to my browsers cause significant memory increase?

Not at all, BlueZone Web is a lightweight, zero-footprint terminal emulation client that runs on HTML.  This solution was developed with performance in mind and utilizes a minimum amount of bandwidth.

  1. What impact would this have on network traffic versus a traditional emulator client?

With traditional 2-Tier terminal emulation solutions, network traffic is often increased since every PC is actively communicating across the network.  BlueZone Web utilizes web socket communication that was originally created to support devices that transmit smalls amounts of information such as mobile phones.

  1. What platforms does BlueZone Web run on? Does it support the cloud?

Yes, BlueZone Web can run in the cloud.  Since BlueZone Web utilizes HTML5 in a browser, it can run on any server that supports a node.js application. That means if you use Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Aix, Z/OS, or many more you will be able to easily run BlueZone Web.

  1. Are there any browser requirements or restrictions? Is there an app version?

BlueZone Web operates in any modern web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.  Also, BlueZone Web is a web application built on HTML5.

  1. Is this purely for mainframe green screen applications? Or can it be used with Multi Value applications?

BlueZone Web is not just for mainframe, the supported operating systems include 3270, VT, and 5250. Since MultiValue uses a VT100/220 protocol our customers have shown to be highly successful extending BlueZone Web to their MultiValue apps.

  1. Are fonts and colors customizable?

You can fully customize fonts and colors within BlueZone Web. Additionally, the user interface can also be configured with custom keyboards to better support your existing workflows.

  1. How are standalone home PC’s authenticated to BlueZone Web? Is there a login?

Working within an organization, standalone PC’s or tablets can easily access and login to the web application directly.  Users that are in a remote setting will need to authenticate through their corporate network or VPN to gain access to BlueZone Web.  Once connected, users regardless of device, can login to the web application.

  1. Is user customization available? For example, can one user have multiple terminals available and be running them concurrently?

BlueZone Web supports multiple concurrent sessions.  This gives you added flexibility for accessing back-end systems, whether you are using Mainframe, Unix, or IBM iSeries systems.

  1. How many sessions can be supported by a specific middleware server?

 BlueZone Web does not restrict concurrent sessions.  The limitations are dependent on your middleware server and your network capacity.


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