• June 25, 2022

What to Build?

While most people around the world are getting into the World Cup spirit, Rocket Software employees are gearing up for another global event: Rocket.Build 2018.

This is my first Build, and I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about it. Six months into my tenure as Chief Product Officer (CPO) here at Rocket I keep hearing about how fun and rewarding our annual hackathon is. Late nights, solving complex problems, working together to beat the clock—for many of us, this is why we got into programming…and why we’re Rocketeers.

For many Rocketeers, Rocket.Build is already one of the highlights of the year, but we’ve made a few changes to this year’s event that we hope will make it even better. This year, we went global, so the event in Waltham is actually the culmination of a multi-step process that got more Rocketeers involved than ever before. Those attending haven’t just submitted project proposals as they did in the past: they’ve already been selected as top performers in their home regions and have impressed judges with their creativity and coding skills. It really is the best of the best competing at the 2018 event.

Rocket.Build 2018 is also the first event of its kind since Rocket reimagined our Rocket Labs into Rocket Centers of Excellence. As part of our ongoing mission to be One Rocket, we’ve reorganized our labs to break down siloes and foster collaboration. Whereas in the past each lab was devoted to a single product or a single platform, today our Centers of Excellence are bringing together Rocketeers from each region into consolidated offices to solve critical problems for our customers and partners.

This week’s event is all about uniting all Rocketeers behind a single vision. Yes, it’s about the solutions they come up with and stretching our limits. But it also serves a larger purpose. As a global organization of more than 1500 people, Rocket can’t get every single Rocketeer to our Waltham headquarters every year. Through programs and events like Rocket.Build, however, Rocketeers around the world are all engaged in the same activity simultaneously.

I may be relatively new to Rocket Software, but I can already tell that Rocket.Build is something special. So I hope you’ll all join in me in following the proceedings of this inspiring event, right here on the Rocket Blog, even as you cheer your nation’s team to victory in the World Cup!

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