• January 28, 2022

“Best of Luck to Rocket.Builders” from a 2017 Rocket.Build Champion


It’s that most wonderful time of year; ‘tis the season… of Rocket.Build.

Rocket.Build is an annual competition between teams of Rocketeers from all over the world hosted in Boston, MA. It’s 5 days of intense collaboration that ends with dozens of QA-ready projects, and proud (if not exhausted) developers. For many Rocketeers, this will be their first experience at Rocket.Build, and it promises to be both a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone. This year’s focus for all Build projects is one at the heart of our business, Modernization & Optimization. To further inspire this year’s participants, I reached out to Keisuke Kamada of last year’s winning team and asked what advice he’d like to give to this year’s group.

“Our team was organized by four individual members working in different countries, and whose native languages were also different,” Kamada says “In addition, we met at the event for the very first time.” Kamada and his team chose their project by building on each other’s experience, and considering each member’s role on the team. In the end, they simplified the original idea, and planned as much as they could early on.

Throughout the week, Kamada met many  coworkers he’d never met in person, and many others he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet without Build. “I believe meeting directly with new colleagues is the best [form of] team-building. Through such experience, new ideas that will be one of the next technologies may be born.”

Rocket.Build is a chance for a small piece of our Rocketeer community to gather, and cooperate on projects they’re passionate about, and wouldn’t have the time to work on otherwise. It brings together experts of varying disciplines, nationalities, and experience to one place, for one purpose: innovation.

Ok, I lied; two purposes. Innovation, and a great time! Best of luck to all this year’s Build participants!

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    Very nice article! With the advancement in technology, people are now connected to each other virtually and it gave us many marketing opportunities as well to expand our business.

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