• July 5, 2022

Building Bridges: from AS/400 to modern platforms

Dear CTOs, CIOs, users, and application leaders of all kinds,

Which of your 10 “number one” priorities did you accomplish today? One? Maybe two? Is it none?

To many development leaders, it can feel like job responsibilities are in constant conflict. We’ve been hearing it from our customers for years. In general, many leaders struggle to optimize against three competing priorities:

➤ Providing a great user experience that lives up to contemporary business workflows, and is accessible by any authorized user from any device— regardless of the underlying technology.

➤ Maintaining, and updating existing systems to prevent business interruptions, and take advantage of new opportunities.

➤ Integrating applications made with new tools by new developers with proven core business applications written on heritage platforms.

Accomplishing one of these isn’t necessarily difficult, but fulfilling all three would be a challenge for anyone. For organizations with both IBM i, .Net/Java, and JavaScript platforms, it’s especially challenging. Add cloud platforms into the mix, and you have a major obstacle. Multiple technologies, multiple dev teams, multiple data sources, plus disparate tools equals teams that do not (or cannot) work together. Organizations with IBM i and .Net/Java systems in their backend fight with cross-platform cooperation daily, and getting modern and heritage platform teams to cooperate can feel like parenting toddlers at an amusement park—everyone wants to do something different, and the bickering is constant.

This cross-platform problem is one we’ve heard a lot from our customers. They come to us looking for a solution that will help platform teams breakout of their silos and collaborate. They need a way to bring modern UI and accessibility by modern platforms directly to the application logic and data that are trapped on the AS/400. They’re amazed when they see how easy it is to create powerful API’s that bridge their various platforms with just one tool: Rocket API.

To hear exactly how Rocket API can help provide an optimal user experience with the people, processes and technologies you already have, join us on October 23rd at 1pm ET for a 1-hour webinar led by myself, and Senior Sales Engineer, Charles Jones.

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