• June 25, 2022

Get IT Expertise Out of the HA/DR Back-up Monitoring Business

Imagine you’re managing a large research hospital. Due to the complexity of some operational process, one of the head neurosurgeons on your staff is relegated to reviewing bathroom cleanliness reports and directing staff to resolve issues. Or suppose you’re the Dean of Foreign Languages at a prestigious university and one of your professors with a PhD in Medieval French Literature is tasked with making sure all the French-language library books have been returned on time. Sounds like a ridiculous waste of talent and resources, doesn’t it?

IBM z14From the perspective of the person in charge, either of these scenarios would be considered not only a bit foolish and irresponsible, but frankly would represent bad business decisions. And probably ones that could be corrected easily with a bit of focus.

Unfortunately, this kind of improper resource allocation is one that I encounter frequently today when discussing how companies have deployed their high-availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) systems. Too often, because of outdated or inefficient processes, many senior systems architects and engineers are stuck wasting their time monitoring day to day data replication and application backup, while having to track down and then manage failures or exceptions.

From a strictly technical perspective, once you have high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) systems in place, senior IT talent in your organization should have their design involvement completed.  Their value-add is in designing, architecting, testing and deploying solutions needed to keep the backup and recovery operations running smoothly. The primary objective is to make sure the business can function without having to stop to manage incidents related to data backup. That customers supply chain participants and all internal and back office data should not only be seamlessly backed up, but should also be accessible quickly and easily whenever it is needed. Senior IT staff should not be sitting at terminals managing and reviewing report generation and overseeing failover consistency.

In today’s complex, multi-platform ecosystem, it can certainly be difficult to securely share and backup data across systems, integrate business workflows, and automate business transactions. But by deploying uninterrupted, self-monitoring high availability backup and recovery systems, your talented and experienced IT staff can be reassigned to focus on strategic business problems that drive innovation and keep your company ahead of the competition. It’s more important than ever to move expensive IT talent up the value chain and engage them where they can really contribute to generating tangible business results.

The good news is that there are solutions today that provide a new level of efficiency when deploying high-availability/disaster recovery systems. Not only are today’s solutions much more robust and efficient, but they are much more cost effective as well.

Rocket® iCluster® high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for IBM® i applications, providing continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems. An intuitive user interface simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting, making it easy for any member of the IT team to run and operate iCluster with confidence.

iCluster automates many of the tedious and mundane processes required for robust enterprise-level backup and recovery. Plus, it’s about one fifth the cost of alternative solutions currently available in the marketplace.

User demands for system resilience and high availability of critical applications is only going to increase. I encourage you to get your experienced IT talent out of the day-to-day backup business and use their insight to help drive your business model. You don’t want to end up feeling like the brain surgeon is sweeping the floors in the supply room.

Rocket iCluster HA/DR solutions help ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications, providing continuous access by monitoring, identifying and self-correcting replication problems. If you’d like to learn more about Rocket iCluster, go here.

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