• May 17, 2022

IBM Z and Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds

It’s impossible to say what the biggest change in computing has been over the last decade, but certainly one of the most significant shifts has been the adoption of the cloud. For the first time, organizations have freedom of choice to deploy applications and data virtually anywhere in the world, giving them unprecedented flexibility in delivering services to their customers and partners. But despite its many advantages, cloud-only deployments can have challenges and drawbacks. What if there was a way to fuse the power, availability, and security of IBM Z® with the agility and consumption characteristics of the cloud?

In a hybrid cloud world, applications and data are placed exactly where they belong, are aware of each other, and seamlessly work across cloud/non-cloud boundaries. With on-premise solutions, companies can take advantage of the best of IBM Z systems and the best of the cloud to control, monitor, and access their data from a secure place. Server hardware is housed in a physical location, so there is the added security of knowing exactly where your data is stored. The server can also be safeguarded against third-party access, which often means that organizations elect to perform analytics on site.

In the cloud, there is a degree of scalability and flexibility. In a cloud environment, resources are available at a moment’s notice—exactly when you need them. Rather than relying solely on solutions that are on site, the cloud is fluid and able to respond to the demands of a company’s dips and spikes. This increases the agility of data exchanges and promotes greater efficiency in an organization’s digital processes.

Hybrid cloud with IBM Z is the perfect fusion of these two worlds. Organizations gain the security and on-site analytics of on-premise Z solutions while at the same time benefiting from the flexibility and reach of a cloud infrastructure. Hybrid clouds create one highly responsive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any company’s ecosystem. Whether it’s building a brand new application or revitalizing existing ones,  the IBM hybrid cloud  platform is designed to  support all types of systems, from cloud-native applications to legacy software. IBM is a leader to help clients achieve more efficient processing and Rocket is 100% on board.

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