• June 27, 2022

Rocket.Build 2019: Taking on deep-data discovery

Information technology is rising from the ashes of its greatest revolution; a war between data and platform. And by nearly all counts, the winner is clear: data has won.

Here in Boston, Rocket Software is enjoying our sixth, and biggest Rocket.Build hackathon event. When the executive team first discussed this year’s project themes (four, total,) we knew deep-data discovery had to be one of them. Most everyone in IT has come to terms with the fact that large amounts of data don’t need to move from where it lives in order to analyze it.

But somewhere in that dark, endless expanse of data, the actual analysis still needs to take place. And that’s why data discovery is a natural requirement. Data discovery—more specifically, “predictive analytics”—is already essential in every major service in our lives, whether you know it or not. In finance, predictive analytics manifests as forecasting and economic trend analyses, predicting losses and gains, and future costs. In insurance, the year’s aggregate claims, insurer base, and payout data help determine rates for customers in the year’s after. Anything that can be predicted benefits from deep-data analysis.

But the benefits of data discovery don’t stop at just predicting outcomes. Products that can use data discovery to predict trends and forecasting can also be used to analyze a platform’s real-time performance. For almost 25% of this year’s Rocket.Build teams, this is an exciting challenge to spend the week tackling. Further down the line, though, it’s our Rocket Software customers who will be real winners of Rocket.Build.

This theme, “exploring deep-data discovery,” will benefit customers by creating discovery methods that let them turn predictions into actions. For example: with active monitoring platform and application performance, the chances of a system failing decrease dramatically. One of the biggest single loss of dollars for any organization occurs when applications go down. Products like those that we’re seeing at Rocket.Build this year will help customers better understand the real-time status of applications, as well as anticipate problems before they happen. As a second example, the next best benefit to customers is automation! Based on the application activities we observe from users, we will be able to create better solutions for them. Today, our products have many features, but not every feature is used frequently. Using data discovery, we can hone in on which features, series of actions, and which routines are being used over and over again. From there, we can automate further, giving future generations of developers a better, optimized experience.

Rocket.Build is our favorite time of year to explore new ideas, and consider experiences we want to bring to customers in the near future. There’s still some hours left in this year’s event, and any team could take it all…but no matter what, it’s customers who win!

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Puneet Kohli is Vice President of Quality and Devops at Rocket Software.


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