• August 15, 2022

Rocket.Build 2019: Raising the bar year after year

Some of my favorite memories as a kid were family picnics in the summer.  From a kid’s perspective, it’s clear why. I had more friends and family to play with than usual, and I could eat as much food as I wanted (an obvious win.) But underneath it all, what I loved was the freedom to spend the whole day however I wanted. I always looked forward to any weekend where my family had picnic plans.

The annual Rocket.Build hackathon reminds me a lot of those family picnics. I get to catch up with Rocketeers from around the globe, snack on far more food than I should, and have the freedom to spend the time working on projects that I picked for myself. Because this is an event that I look forward to, my expectations grow every year. Despite how high they are now, Rocket still manages to rise above them every time. This year will mark my fifth Rocket Build, and my expectations are the highest they’ve ever been!

Just as those summer picnics changed over time, so has Rocket.Build. But I was much more easily impressed at 10 years old. (Ice pops and orange soda did the trick.) For my first Rocket.Build, the free food, and the excitement of my colleagues was plenty to make it a memorable experience. Having the ability to show off our work directly to our CEO, Andy, and all our peers was icing on the cake.

By the time I was 15, I started to feel like a seasoned picnicker. I taught my younger cousins about the traditions of good picnicking, and about which foods were the best. Over time, I’ve noticed a similar shift in my attitude towards Rocket.Build week. Every year, I look forward to acting as the ambassador to those attending for the first time. I get excited for the new project ideas. This year, the closing ceremony and after-party is at the Boston House of Blues! Rocket.Build has also given everyone the very first look at our new HQ renovations.  For the first time ever, we have Rocket partners and customers taking part. We even have Summer interns contributing. There are many new reasons to be excited about Rocket.Build 2019, on top of those which have always held my excitement.

Every year there are new people added to our Rocket family.  Each new addition helps shape the Rocket.Build experience, and leave lasting impressions on the Builders involved. While we might not bring a special dish to the picnic, we certainly provide our own special flavor to the week. No year is the same as the last, but every year is just as great as the year before—always with a little more icing on top!

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Kyle Beausoleil is an engineer working on z/OS projects, predominantly dealing with storage solutions. He often visits Massachusetts colleges attempting to reach out to students who have never considered a career on the mainframe and helps interns with the transition from the classroom to the office.


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