• July 1, 2022

Now available: open-source drivers for IBM Db2 Connect

The marriage of mainframe applications and open source software continues to deliver innovative solutions for Enterprise customers. Companies are always looking for ways to take advantage of the unmatched reliability of these systems as well as continue to leverage their legacy investments.

Many global banking and financial services organizations as well as major airlines and manufacturing facilities around the world are expanding their mainframes’ capabilities using open source solutions, enabling them to reduce costs and improve efficiency while maintaining high performance.

A key focus area for Rocket Software has been on developing open source drivers for its trusted tool for connection and application development: Db2 Connect. Rocket has been a significant contributor to the Db2 tools portfolio for over a decade, working closely with IBM and its partners and clients. Db2 Connect plays a key role in helping thousands of organizations around the world manage, administer, monitor, protect, and get more business value out of their critical data.

Rocket’s open source drivers for Db2 Connect make it easier for developers to quickly create and deploy containers and business services across both public and private infrastructures. By using these drivers, companies can more easily expand open development environments across a wide range of software-defined solutions such as hypervisors, software-defined storage and networking solutions. In addition, open source communities are constantly developing new ways to exploit and leverage tools like Db2 Connect on mainframes.

While there may at one point have been apprehension about compatibility or performance when deploying open source code on legacy systems, the results speak for themselves. More and more organizations are realizing that they can not only significantly reduce licensing costs by running open source software on mainframes but also improve access to existing applications. Rocket’s open source drivers for Db2 Connect certainly facilitate this new model.

Open source software solutions have also helped push the mainframe to the forefront of modern technology solutions. It has become a powerful consolidation platform that can address today’s evolving and mission critical business trends in the areas of AI and machine learning, cloud, mobile, cybersecurity and Big Data management.

Db2 Connect open source drivers are used by customers across a wide range of verticals from financial services to airlines to retail. These drivers support a range of languages including node.js, Python, PHP, Django and SQLAlchemy. These drivers run on distributed platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows) and are capable of connecting to Db2 for z/OS, Db2 for i and Db2 for LUW. All of them are hosted on GitHub.

Below are links to the code as well as installation and usage instructions.

  • js (npm is the package manager)
  • Python (pypi is the package manager)
  • PHP (pecl is the package manager)
  • Django (pypi is the package manager)
  • SQLAlchemy (pypi is the package manager)

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