• June 26, 2022

A new look lets you look deeper into your backups: Rocket Servergraph 9.2 now available!

Rocket Servergraph is our flagship data protection and storage monitoring/capacity planning solution. It was built on the simple idea that storage and backup admins (and their internal customers) should have access to whatever level of detail they need when it comes to monitoring and reporting on their environments. The primary function of Servergraph is the ultimate “drill-down;” whether you want the highest-level overview, or the minute-by-minute play-by-play, Servergraph visualizes backup and performance data in whatever ways you need.

Now with the release of Rocket Servergraph v9.2, customers and users have even more visual and modular options when it comes to monitoring their storage environments. An all new, redesigned user interface brings more color, greater hierarchy, and customization fit for every level of user. With Servergraph v9.1, we learned that customers wanted a good product for admins that also worked for managers—and other people who aren’t necessarily technical. The growing popularity of self-service solutions means it’s not just the storage admins who want anytime access to system reports; it might be their manager who wants to look up how their backups are performing before a presentation, or a CIO who wants to quickly review the cost-effectiveness of the storage investment, or any stakeholder who cares about their data and how it’s protected or how IT dollars are being spent.

Self-service and customization are the core functions of Rocket Servergraph 9.2. The new UI makes it easy to quickly create and modify dashboards, freeing up the admins’ time to work on more business-critical tasks. Building on-demand dashboards dramatically reduces your response time to user and audit requests, minimizing the time it takes to build monthly batch reports for each stakeholder. Users and customers are empowered through an easy-to-use interface to click through and see an overview of all needed data points right up front. They can drill down into more detail to see everything from the backup status of servers, to which servers and clients are growing the fastest, and more, then easily click back into the dashboard for a higher-level view.

Today, if a user requests an update to a report, they are dependent on IT for the change, sometimes waiting weeks for the new information. With a dashboard environment that is simple to use and customize, users—whether they are internal stakeholders or MSP customers—can bypass IT and create it themselves. The result is happier users and customers who get what they want faster, and fewer requests made to the admin team.

Servergraph v9.2 makes dashboards accessible via URL so that anybody can get insights quickly.

While v9.2 comes with many powerful enhancements, the best parts of Servergraph remain. Servergraph still agentlessly collects data from your enterprise backup and storage systems and allows you to store that historical backup information in a database for as long as you’d like. Longer history files make it easier to prove you’re meeting SLAs. Visualize data with any number of overview graphs, or get granular with spreadsheet details. Servergraph comes fully-loaded with hundreds of presets and dashboard configurations, but also total flexibility to customize every aspect.

Rocket Servergraph 9.2’s self-service and customization capabilities mean it will play a greater role in your organization’s business intelligence initiatives. With more ways to share and organize your storage and backup data, and with easy-to-use dashboards, the wealth of information surrounding your backup and storage performance can be made available to anyone who needs it. To learn more about Rocket Servergraph, contact us today.

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