• July 1, 2022


SHARE is the oldest computer user group in the world, and the organization plays a critical role in driving innovation in the IBM Z community. Rocket Software has been a long-time member of SHARE, and we are committed to supporting its goals and ideals. That’s why we are excited to announce that Principal Solutions Advisor Ezriel Gross has received the SHARE Best of the Best Session award for his presentation Intro to IPCS for CICS People. Ezriel—who is also one of 13 Rocketeers who were recently named IBM Champions—has extensive experience as a SHARE award winner. This is his fourth Best of the Best award, and he has won numerous times in other categories. This year, he was awarded best IBM presentation in the user category. 

Originally presented at SHARE Pittsburgh, Ezriel’s presentation focuses on the Interactive Program Control System (IPCS) for the z/OS operating system. As the IPCS was not specifically designed for use with Customer Information Control Systems (CICS), Ezriel’s SHARE presentation helps users understand IPCS who have a CICS background. The powerful IPCS diagnostics can be leveraged to improve performance by helping to solve CICS software failures through the production of proper dumps to IPCS. With IBM Z as the backbone for much of the world’s essential infrastructures, including banking and healthcare systems, the ideas presented by Ezriel can help vital services remain operational by reducing software failures.

“As a former teacher, I am passionate about communicating new ideas,” said Ezriel. “SHARE gives me the opportunity to teach and share my knowledge about IBM Z and CICS with others. It is always an honor to be recognized by peers, especially within the vibrant SHARE community, where IBM Z innovation is thriving.”

Our goal at Rocket is to make IBM Z accessible to everyone and inspire new ways of using this groundbreaking system. Community leaders on our team, including Ezriel, are helping key services, such as banks and healthcare providers, create real change and drive meaningful  results. We’re proud of the work that the entire Rocket team has done to educate others on the power of IBM Z – and how it is making a real difference in the world. And we’re proud of Ezriel for being recognized year after year as an important thought leader and educator in the community.

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