• May 25, 2020


This year, a record-breaking number of Rocket employees were named as 2020 IBM Champions—13 to be exact. To celebrate our ongoing partnership with IBM, and our dedication to innovation, legacy technologies and legendary results, we want to highlight them. 

Over the next weeks, we will count down to IBM THINK with each of the 2020 Champions, and celebrate what we love about our partnership with IBM!

Name: Andy Steeds
Title: Senior Solutions Advisor
Length of time at Rocket Software: 13 years

What it means to be an IBM Champion: It’s great that IBM recognise the contribution made by external individuals to their ecosystem. Being nominated for, and ultimately selected as, an IBM Champion is a great honour as the accolade is well regarded within the industry.

What I love about IBM: IBM is an organisation that’s not afraid to reinvent itself when the need arises. In an ever changing IT landscape, IBM is always there, front and centre, as a domineering force in whatever is the IT flavour of the day.

What I love about the IBM/Rocket Software partnership: To the customers who use our products, Rocket and IBM are seen as one unified entity. I don’t believe IBM works as closely or seamlessly with any of their other Business Partners. That level of trust, cooperation and the desire to win together makes for a unique and very special relationship.

How do IBM products improve everyday lives? Behind the scenes (for the most part), but almost certainly at the heart, IBM is the backbone to almost every technology touchpoint we encounter in our everyday lives.

Favourite IBM product: QMF is the very definition of data gravity: it may have been around for a while, but it hasn’t stood still. If you haven’t seen it recently, take a look.

Favourite IBM project: Data Gravity. For years the general consensus was to move data away from the mainframe for analytics, but big data has just kept on getting bigger and with that the cost of movement, timeliness of insight and concerns over security have increased exponentially. New specialty engines and the advent of data virtualization means access to real time data is now much more cost effective and far more secure than being left in place.

Favourite quote: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible!’” – Audrey Hepburn

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