• August 17, 2022

Common Disasters: Preparing for Outages

As we struggle with unprecedented challenges around the globe, IT departments are gearing up to enable remote access, work-from-home, and ongoing business operations in ways that they never anticipated before. It’s heroic work done with limited warning—and it’s keeping companies around the world operational.

The Critical Role of Core Systems

It’s in precisely these times that we appreciate how critical it is that core systems like IBM i servers continue to operate. Without them, businesses simply stop. They are workhorses, but they are not immune to failures.

In fact, it doesn’t take an international or even local disaster to bring down a system. Typically, HA/DR conversations center on hurricanes, tornadoes, and power grid failures. However, far more common accidents happen in companies every day: patch problems, user errors, security breaches, and boring hardware failures.  Any one of these can take down a core system—and thus a business—for days.

Your DR Plan 

So, what’s your DR plan? Hope? Tape backups? More modern backups? Or do you have a way to failover to a warm site where your data is up-to-date and the system is ready to carry the weight of your business?  

Actually, that last one isn’t a pipe dream. It’s fairly straightforward HA/DR, facilitated by replication technology that has been available for years. Rocket’s iCluster solution does just that. It replicates from one site to another on a continuous basis. When an outage hits, you simply failover to the replica and operate there until the primary site is back up and running. The process is then reversed, at your convenience. 

The terrible thing about unexpected events is that they are so hard to plan for, but having resilient core applications is one less worry in an already-complex IT landscape.  

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Lilac Schoenbeck is the Vice President of Go-To-Market Strategy in the Power Systems Division at Rocket Software. With two decades of experience in enterprise software, data center technology and cloud, she focuses on the IBM i and IBM Power and how Rocket can best meet the unique needs of these core IT markets.


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