• August 15, 2022

Stay Home with Rocket BlueZone Web

Around the globe, companies have sent their employees home to prioritize their safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. For many organizations, this means a greater burden on their IT systems and connectivity from remote workstations, home computers and mobile devices.  

At Rocket Software, we know that your legacy systems live at the heart of your IT infrastructure—but now your users may be further away. Our Rocket BlueZone Web terminal emulator can connect directly to the host from a typical web browser, enabling users to work from home safely and easily. 

That’s why we are giving any organization unlimited free use of Rocket BlueZone Web until October 1.

  • Call center employees can use home computers to reach their systems
  • Finance and Operations staff can connect to the ERP 
  • IT staff can maintain and monitor these systems from the safety of their home

Rocket BlueZone Web:

  • Is a secure, HTML5 browser-based terminal emulator for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Has nothing to install locally, and no plug-ins are required
  • Delivers host access to systems from any browser, from any location—including IBM® Z, IBM i, and VT.

Why are we doing this? We were founded on the core values of empathy, humanity, trust and love–and never are those more relevant than now. We’re committed to you—our customers, new and old—and want to help by supporting your business and the health and safety of your employees. 

For more information, please visit our BlueZone Web offer page.   

Once you have signed up for the offer you will receive a download link via email along with a get started video. We will also send you 2-Minute Tip videos that dive a little deeper on things like securing the BlueZone Web server. In case you miss one, the list of videos are below:

1. How to Secure Rocket BlueZone Web
2. Rocket BlueZone Web Server-as-a-System Service

Keyboard Remapping for Rocket BlueZone Web 

Create Rocket BlueZone Web Hotspots 

How to Configure Rocket BlueZone Web Powerpad


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Rebecca Dilthey is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rocket Software.


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