• June 26, 2022

Legendary Help: Ensuring positive customer experiences amid a global pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality has been one of the hardest hit industries in terms of lost jobs and revenue. With borders closing and stay-at-home orders in place, airlines were forced to suspend or reduce services and hotels experienced the highest number of job losses in the U.S. Overnight, the industry came to a standstill, forcing businesses to reconsider how they manage customer services and how they plan to move forward after the pandemic. For many in the hospitality industry, this pandemic will lead to a “sink or swim” mentality. At Rocket, we wanted to make sure that our travel clients—and all our clients—will swim. 

Shifting Strategy and Planning Ahead

We all know that traveling can be a fun adventure, but it also requires in-depth time and financial planning. For this reason, a major travel company and long-time Rocket LegaSuite customer wanted to ensure that their critical business applications were running smoothly. This was crucial for their reservation systems, which supports thousands of international and domestic call agents. 

Although this project began pre-pandemic, during the update, the company was dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and business completely stopped. Rocket used the service downtime to focus on updating the company’s reservation systems and their user experience. When the travel industry reopens, this client will be prepared to handle any increased demand. 

The Rocket Solution

Even with the disruption in service caused by the pandemic, Rocket was determined to continue with the scheduled update to ensure the Rocket LegaSuite was successfully implemented on time. With Rocket LegaSuite, host-based applications can be modernized quickly through an intuitive interface, transforming them into rich web and mobile user experiences. This is exactly what our travel client needed in order to prepare for future demands on their reservation systems. During the pandemic, as businesses struggle, creating customer loyalty with improved UX will help the travel industry flourish post-pandemic. By modernizing the company’s critical business applications and enhancing their user experiences, Rocket can help ensure that their systems will run efficiently when the travel industry reopens. Although the client had to make adjustments to their plans, as their updated reservation system was utilized for more re-bookings than new reservations, we’re positive that they will be ready to service travelers when the time comes.

Securing Their Future

Leaning on our values of empathy, humanity, trust, and love is more important than ever, as we work with our customers to navigate the shifting economic environment. Although the Rocket LegaSuite update is not currently being used for its intended purpose, we understand that, during the pandemic, customer needs will continuously evolve. Although the travel industry is experiencing a decreased demand, Rocket is determined to use this time to ensure our client is ready for the future. This is why we are working to expand the application to a larger, more extensive group of users. 

Great customer service is always important, but throughout the pandemic, we have been given a chance to build upon our trusted partnerships by being there for our customers—every step of the way.

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