• June 25, 2022

Legendary Help: Powering global supply chains during a time of crisis

Global supply chains were one of the first industries impacted by the pandemic, and they continue to be one of the hardest hit industries. Non-essential manufacturing has slowed down as essential services become prioritized. International borders were also quickly closed as the virus spread, and even though shipping and receiving has been able to continue operating, moving supplies has slowed down. It has been increasingly difficult to maintain production and get supplies to where they are needed. As the economy slowly begins to reopen, these problems are expected to persist. Unfortunately, these restrictions to supply chains have also impacted essential goods, such as food, medicine, cleaning supplies, and medical supplies. Maintaining supply chains for these increasingly necessary products is a key element for dealing with the pandemic. 

A Rocket customer, who provides intralogistics solutions for manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution centers, needed a solution to manage the distribution of their goods. As they dealt with critical supplies, they wanted to ensure that products were reaching their destinations—precisely when and where they were needed the most. They also needed a solution that was easy and quick to implement, as demand for essential goods was soaring. 

Rocket’s Solution

The company turned to Rocket EDX and Rocket EDI services to manage engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers in over 25 countries. Rocket EDX provides B2B companies with increased and centralized control of important data through automated processing and tracking, and comprehensive audit trails. Customers get faster data exchange, increased visibility into transactions, and confidence that errors haven’t been introduced by a manual data entry process.  It also helps to reduce costs, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses as the economy takes a downturn. As a solution built for global businesses, the company was able to integrate data transactions across all of its global partners. 

Rocket’s support of our client in maintaining the health, safety, security, and economic well-being of people across the world has earned us the designation of a Critical Infrastructure Supplier. This statutory category was essential to our client, as it helped maintain the normal distribution schedule of essential goods that the company provided. It also made it possible to operate free of certain government operational mandates. With faster data exchange and greater data visibility, Rocket’s EDI services optimized the customer’s flow of information. It also helped strengthen supply chains, helping the company deliver essential goods during a time when efficiency is crucial.

Facing the Pandemic Together

Rocket’s customers come from diverse industries that span health care, manufacturing, and government services. These are companies that are helping our frontline workers, supporting our citizens. and helping to boost the economy. That is why now, more than ever, Rocket is determined to help our customers succeed. We’re here to support them in bringing vital resources and services to communities in need, even in the face of a global pandemic.

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