• August 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Powering the healthcare industry during a global crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing healthcare systems around the globe. The surge of patients who need acute care is putting a massive strain on the capacities of hospitals and emergency rooms. Supplies for much-needed equipment, whether it be personal protective equipment for hospital personnel or ventilators for patients, are being delayed. Manufacturers of these products are not able to keep up with the sheer volume of equipment that is needed. This is leaving doctors, nurses, and other hospital and homecare staff at risk for contracting the virus, and patients at risk of not receiving the care they need. Solutions are required to help power the healthcare industry and provide them with the supplies that they need to help the massive influx of patients. 

One of Rocket’s customers, a global medical supply company, has been impacted by this uptick in demand. The company first noticed the increased demand in early 2020, when the virus had already begun to spread. By the time the virus had spread across the globe, they were shipping three to four times their normal volume of supplies. As a medical supply company serving the largest network of healthcare distributors in North America, they knew that they needed to act fast to meet the demand. With the pandemic far from over, the organization needed assurance that their applications would continue to be stable, fast, and secure so that they could continue delivering life-saving products. As a long-time Rocket customer, the company knew that we could step in and find a creative solution to ensure supplies are put in the right hands at the right time.

The Rocket solution

Before the pandemic hit, Rocket had previously worked with the technical experts at the company to implement Rocket UniData. This program helped the company perform health checks, cloud migration, and replication set-up. It also prepared the company for the pandemic. 

As the demand increased throughout the pandemic, using Rocket UniData enabled rapid development and scale for their business applications. Rocketeers have also continued to work closely with the company to maintain uninterrupted operations. We know how important medical supplies are to healthcare workers and families across the world, so we’ve made supporting this supplier a priority through extended development assistance and incremental UniData licenses. 

Making a difference 

This pandemic has made people and companies come together in ways that were previously unheard of. While doctors and healthcare professionals are saving lives on the front lines, businesses are striving to do their part to help the world recover. For Rocket, this means ensuring that our clients—the companies that power essential services—can continue their work. Everyone will be needed in this global fight, and we’re proud to be supporting some of the best companies in the world. 

Our core values of empathy, humanity, trust and love help us take a customer-centric approach to all we do. This means that, during and beyond the pandemic, it is important we consider the health of the products we provide and the customers we serve. The stability of Rocket UniData ensures that businesses stay up and running when they are needed the most.

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