• August 17, 2022

IT Priorities During the Pandemic

The worldwide calamity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly all sectors of business, forcing them to change. In most cases, they have been forced to reconsider their 2020 business plans altogether. For most of you reading this, any projects slated for this year that were eating up sizable portions of your budget were put on hold or abandoned. While the need to support profitable business functions has reached a fever pitch, staffing has been reduced to the bare bones. This is not a market for the faint of heart.

Administering to your IBM i environments has never been more critical. Tasks such as ensuring the system uptime and ensuring the success of jobs is as important as ever. Due to other projects slowing down, it also makes this a great time to take care of some of the tasks that have been previously put off due to workload. These items may be mundane, like cleaning up old objects and user profiles, or more intricate, like automating the repetitive tasks your team is performing. Given the constant demands put on staff members in all departments, priority should always be put on task automation. All other projects should be equally prioritized.

It’s human nature to delay projects, especially when we won’t see an immediate benefit—otherwise gyms would be as busy in March as they are in January. We are programmed to think that we’re too busy to take the time now. Even minor tasks that only take two minutes a day really add up over the course of a year—3.66 hours if you figure in two weeks for vacation and another two weeks for holidays and sick time. And even though that is not a huge chunk of time percentage-wise, there are a multitude of these tasks happening a day. By taking time now, when business may be slower, to automate these smaller items, you’ll have significantly more time in the long run. When businesses return to normal, and life picks up again, you’ll be wasting less time on mundane duties. It pays off in the long run! 

Now that those tasks are automated, you can move onto other priorities. Security has been a frequent concern throughout the pandemic. The number of data hacks and breaches has increased. That’s why the next priority should be cleaning up your systems. Old objects and user profiles can help keep your system clean and running smoothly. Removing inactive profiles is also imperative for keeping the system secure.

Although the pandemic may have slowed down businesses, reduced staff and changed the working environment, this doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Now is the perfect time to consider the IT projects that you’ve been putting off completing. As your IBM i environment works harder than ever keeping your business secure and efficient, take time to do some much needed maintenance to support your systems. 


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