• July 9, 2020

Legendary Help: Adapting the Customer Experience Amid the Pandemic

The global economy is beginning to restart slowly, with businesses opening and individuals returning to work. For many people, they may think that this means life will return to “business as usual.” Unfortunately, for many industries that were forced to close during the first wave of the pandemic—such as retail, restaurants and hotels—business as usual no longer exists. Special considerations need to be taken to reopen these spaces, re-establish public trust in the businesses, and help them increase customer retention. For retail, this means capitalizing on online sales to ensure a positive customer experience. 

For retailers who didn’t have a reliable online space before the pandemic, they quickly had to adjust their strategy to remain operational during the pandemic. A global luxury retail brand, and Rocket client, was no exception. As their brick-and-mortar stores closed indefinitely, they experienced a major shift to an online-only sales strategy. With increased demand from customers on their e-commerce site, their connection pools were maxing out, despite their efforts to shift and augment their online portal as orders poured in. They needed to find a reliable e-commerce environment to manage this increase in demand. 

The Rocket UniVerse Solution

To manage the unprecedented influx of online sales, the company turned to the Rocket MultiValue team to request additional licenses and provide more bandwidth to their e-commerce site. The Rocket UniVerse solution allows for fast, flexible, and resilient application and website development. During times of increased demand, the flexible data structures allow for high-performance data access, storage, and resource management capabilities. It is efficient and easy to operate, with easy-to-use programming languages and standard supplied interfaces. Rocket UniVerse’s flexible data structure and high-performance capabilities made this the logical solution to fulfill the client’s request.

Within 30 minutes of the initial request for additional licenses and increased bandwidth, the Rocket MuliValue team was able to provide enough additional licenses to ensure customers could continue to make purchases and the business could continue without interruptions. Although it was an unexpected and unprecedented request, it was a crucial step to safeguarding our customer’s success. 

Making Customer Service a Priority

To weather the pandemic, customer service has a renewed value to businesses. As many industries were forced to close their stores, they needed to look at alternate ways to maintain customer relationships and build brand loyalty. For Rocket, that meant helping our customers however we could, including rapidly responding to requests that helped them improve their customer service support. As the economy begins to reopen, these solutions will continue to be important in transitioning to the new normal. Our unwavering commitment to positive customer experiences allowed us to provide critical assistance to a longstanding Rocket UniVerse customer during a time of unexpected transformation. As more businesses reopen, we are looking forward to helping more customers transition to new solutions to improve the customer experience.

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