• June 24, 2022

Legendary Help: Delivering clean drinking water to millions

Clean drinking water should be an essential human right. Unfortunately, delivering it to millions of homes and businesses can be a daunting task. When this is your responsibility, you need to ensure that your services are available 24/7. This means ensuring that your infrastructure and technology are reliable, no matter the number of people you are providing service to. When a major regional water services provider in the U.K. was experiencing issues with their infrastructure, Rocket stepped in to help them deliver the best service at the lowest sustainable costs, while also remaining environmentally and ecologically responsible. 

The Problem

Overseeing the delivery of 200 million liters of water and wastewater per day to and from more than 3 millions homes and businesses, this U.K. water services provider relies on a robust infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service. The company has a vast network of digital technologies to manage infrastructure, monitor key activities, and transmit information between the 5,000+ employees. This is why it was such a concern when it was discovered that some of the backup databases were filling up at more than five times the usual rate. All of the blank space that was being created could eventually disable their backup system. And while the provider’s server could tell them the speed at which the datasets were growing, it couldn’t tell them how or why. 

The Solution 

Rocket® Servergraph ultimately saved the day for the water company. The solution makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your backup environment. This includes identifying and understanding why certain problems persist. Compatible with a wide range of popular backup software products, Servergraph is a backup monitoring solution that makes it easy to identify and resolve problems before they start affecting business activities. 

In the case of the water company, Servergraph allowed database admins to drill-down and list individual files in the backup environment. This helped them discover the issue with their backup databases: there were numerous duplicate files taking up extra space. This discovery also led to a new company initiative, where they would complete a weekly compact-and-merge process, a change which the company reports has saved them a staggering 99 terabytes in data storage space alone. This has allowed them to stabilize their backup environment and reduce the usage of available space. Their backup environment is now in a more comfortable and responsive state.

That wasn’t the only issue that Servergraph highlighted. Using the same technique that uncovered errors in replication, administrators also learned that several of their backup agents were incorrectly configured. This fix helped the company recover 27 terabytes in storage space.

A People-First Approach

Rocket strives to take a people-first approach to business. This means that we pride ourselves on finding unique solutions to help our customers thrive in their industry. When working with essential services, including the water services industry, it is imperative that we can respond quickly to their needs in order to minimize the impact on their customers. Backups are an essential activity, especially for businesses in industries that demand high availability. That is why we’ve designed our solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to provide reliable results. 

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