• August 15, 2022

Legendary Help: Supporting retailers with efficient and secure payment systems

Keeping businesses running is a team effort. There’s the staff, the maintenance, and behind the scenes, there’s the point of sales software. For every purchase, the POS software and software provider are there to ensure that the transaction is efficient, and that the customer is satisfied and remains loyal to the business. Like any software, POS systems need constant updates to remain optimized and secure. In the case of one Rocket client, an IT solutions provider that supplies point-of-sale solutions to thousands of retailers in the U.S., they needed a system in place that would automate and minimize the risk of rolling out POS updates to their clients.

The Problem

Rolling out software updates can be tedious, but for POS providers, it’s extremely important. These updates protect transactions and financial data and keep them secure. In order to ensure that these updates were processed in a timely manner, this Rocket customer required upgrades to their coding processes so that the software code could be automatically deployed to the right place at the right time.

The new system also needed to be fully traceable, with the power to automate and reduce risk for their development team when rolling out code. Plus, they needed the ability to roll back any problem code efficiently when developer errors occurred. To handle regular turnover of development staff, the customer also wanted to maintain application information in a single place so that long-term enhancements could always be made.

The Solution

Rocket® Aldon® Deployment Manager provided the perfect solution for the provider to ensure that all point-of-sale systems were up-to-date. By embedding Rocket Aldon into all of their systems, all IT workflows are automated for delivering and deploying software—from the Service Desk to production releases—meaning that all updates can be pushed out quickly and efficiently to all of the POS providers’ clients. Because it can respond to changes quickly, it also allows the POS provider to roll back any problem code. Rocket Aldon also provides full audit tracking and compliance reporting.

With this new system in place, the client was able to implement much-needed automation capabilities to make tasks easier for operations managers. They also received a rock-solid audit trail to safeguard sensitive client and financial information. All items in each update can be tracked to determine how any change impacts the system as a whole. By using the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager software in their development lab, the company was able to have code written quickly, concurrently, and safely. Their code is now more secure and efficient, and the risk of developers inadvertently wiping out each other’s work is minimized. With all the code in a central repository, application knowledge is now available for long-term advancements and enhancements, even as the company experiences turnovers in their development team.

Keeping Your Business Running

Alongside every good business is great software–and the providers behind it. That’s why we love working with creative software service providers like this client. We know that the work they do is important when it comes to supporting businesses and protecting customers. 

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