• August 14, 2022

Productive on Power Part Three: Modernizing Without Compromising Security

Welcome to the third and final part of our three-part “Productive on Power: Bringing the latest User Experiences to IBM i” blog series. These posts are covering modernization initiatives that are making users and customers more productive and more satisfied.

We’re sharing cost-effective strategies to bring great experiences to your IBM i by:

  • Modernizing the UX of your workflows and green screens (Read our part one post here)
  • Enabling web services using APIs (Read our part two post here)
  • Modernizing without compromising security

Today, I’m covering how to bring all the modern user experiences you’ve been wanting to your IBM i apps without risking security.

Security and web services

Picking up where we left off: another advantage of web service enablement tools is that they let IBM i users make IBM i functions available via web without compromising their IBM i security. The tools create a single path to IBM i for funneling all requests, and it can be set up so to only accept requests coming in from the web service server, while the web service server can be configured to only accept validated, authorized requests that conform to the appropriate format. The web service server can even run on IBM i so that only requests originating from an IBM i server will be given access to the native programs, functions, and data.

Exposing your application functions via web services means you can safely choose whatever technology you want to create the user experience you desire.

“Smart modernization” means picking the right tool for each job

The great news for IBM i users is that there are suites of comprehensive modernization tools available built to work together. Development staff are free to use the right tool for any complex job at-hand.

When planning a user experience modernization project, start by considering the key value that must be delivered. Using that value and the organization’s priorities, choose the tools that will quickly, and cost effectively deliver the greatest value to the business. As new opportunities and challenges arise, add the right tools at the right time. That is the core of smart modernization—making sure you are efficiently delivering on the highest priorities the fastest.

The real IBM i: Your platform for the future

When making strategic decisions about your business’ future computing platforms, IBM i should be evaluated for its real potential. Executives should define the business challenges they want to address and the opportunities they want to exploit before deciding which platform most cost-effectively—and securely—meets their needs. Layering solutions that let you modernize the experience without compromising integrity are the final ingredient needed to maximize your IBM i.

IBM i provides:

  • Advanced, secure system architecture
  • A long history of proven reliability
  • Support for the latest open-source languages
  • A wide variety of powerful modernization tools
  • Advanced DevOps
  • Comprehensive cloud capabilities
  • The lowest total cost of ownership on the market

To top it all off, IBM i runs all existing core applications.

When looking at modernizing the IBM i environment, consider what problems must be solved and for whom. In addition, choose the most cost-effective way to use precious IT resources. That analysis generally leads to the conclusion that IBM i provides an exciting path forward.

I hope you enjoyed this three-part blog post series! As always, reach out to us at Rocket Software whenever you’re ready to kick off your next IT project.

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Rebecca Dilthey is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rocket Software.


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