• August 15, 2022

BlueZone Web: Multi-factor authentication

With the COVID-19 pandemic remodelling the global IT workforce to a ‘work from home’ approach, CTO’s from all sectors are now asking questions about how secure their critical business applications actually are. 

It’s no secret that major data breaches cost corporations millions of dollars and leaves them with a tarnished reputation. In 2018, the largest fine imposed for a high-profile data breach was British Airways shelling out £183 Million due to customers affected by ‘Poor Security Arrangements’. Leaked credit card details, alongside personal information, had this case high on the news agenda for several weeks. 

More recently, since the unfolding of the COVID-19 crises, San Francisco Airport, T-Mobile and countless other organizations have confirmed security concerns with internal and external data sets affected. 

The work-from-home paradigm is certainly an added obstacle to this landscape, with many employees unable to access business applications remotely and others experiencing a time-lapse before enough security measures are in place to operate in the new ‘norm’.

Rocket Software has always been at the forefront of the challenge of host application security. Millions of users around the globe—in verticals including finance, manufacturing and government—rely on Rocket to manage, access and modernize their mission-critical data on IBM Mainframe, IBM Power systems and VT based systems. 

With the announcement of BlueZone Web 1.2.1, your organization can now lean on multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure HTML5-based terminal emulator access. This means that you can secure the heartbeat of your business with added peace of mind, all whilst experiencing the value of a zero-footprint terminal emulator. 

BlueZone Web allows users to have their first point of authentication as an internal user, LDAP registered user or MS SQL User. Following this, a user can receive a ‘push’ notification containing their one-time code directly to their laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This functionality provides the security we all expect by verifying every user that requests access to your data, without unnecessary administration overhead, or having to install anything on the host system or client machine. 

The multi-factor authentication market is expected to reach 21 billion USD by 2025. The massive uptake in these technologies is a valid indication that your terminal emulator technology should have a reliable interface to your trusted partner in this market. 

To find out more about BlueZone Web, please contact your Rocket Software representative or contact us directly for a trial of the software here.

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Jamie Devlin is a Principal Sales Engineer at Rocket Software EMEA. With almost six years on the Sales Engineering team, he strives to provide customers with the highest value solutions, while keeping on top of the latest technology trends and market challenges. Operating across the entire EMEA region, he counts cultural and business adaptability as his key to success.


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