• August 15, 2022

Leading With Our Values: How TRUcentrix is Helping Our Community

In March 2020, the entire world was altered. No matter who or where you were, the COVID-19 pandemic marked a collective change—one we may never recover from.

At Rocket Software, we pivoted internally as quickly as we could. Within days, we had the infrastructure in place so that our entire team could work remotely. We’re also continuing to lead through our values of empathy, humanity, trust and love. That’s why we decided to introduce a free trial of our TRUcentrix software, which was built for supply chain management.

What is TRUcentrix?

TRUcentrix is a process automation solution for supply chain management. It helps to streamline data exchange and collaboration internally between departments and externally with clients. This cloud-ready solution has supported clients in overcoming business challenges such as engagement and onboarding suppliers, sharing product design data and ideas, protecting valuable intellectual property, and keeping track of key tasks to avoid delays and mistakes.

In the automotive and aerospace industries, TRUcentrix has become an essential business component to collaborate and share best practices. Before implementing this software, clients would manually upload data into spreadsheets. As these spreadsheets got passed around between departments, it could be hard to track and find the original version. Manual processes are cumbersome and prone to error, which in highly regulated industries, is extremely problematic. It could also become complicated as information was shared with outside partners. Exporting the data led to limited traceability.

With TRUcentrix, all data can be saved on the system, making it traceable and searchable. Imported data can be saved to a temporary location on the file system. This can also help to track any changes to the files. With a single data location and manual importing processes, there is less chance of errors or duplicate data.  

TRUcentrix for Medical Supplies

During the early stages of the first wave of the pandemic, the medical community was overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, resulting in PPE and ventilators shortages. Many of our medical professionals had to make hard decisions, such as not wearing PPE to protect themselves in life-threatening situations. We knew that, given the opportunity, we wanted to help however we could to protect our frontline workers and ultimately save lives. 

The goal of our TRUcentrix promotion was to help supply chain manufacturers who focused on medication, ventilators, PPE, and other necessities get through this period of high demand. As many manufacturers made the pivot from their existing work to supporting the medical community, we wanted to enable collaboration and idea-sharing, to ensure that these products were as effective as possible. 

As new information about the virus emerges every day, we stand behind our promise to lead with empathy, humanity, trust and love. We may not be on the frontline with you, but we want to know that you’re supported. And if our software can help manufacturers work faster and smarter, we’re happy to help.

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Dr. Martyn Davies is Director of Product Management at Rocket Software and responsible for the product roadmap of the B2B supply chain integration products.


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