• July 1, 2022

Legendary Help: Driving entrepreneurship, one food truck at a time

The food truck industry, once thought to be a passing trend, is now taking off across the globe. These trendy and convenient dining experiences have grown in popularity as a way for entrepreneurs to get into the restaurant business with less risk. In order to help these entrepreneurs become successful, they need digital solutions to help them manage payments, locations, and inventory. 

Alcomtec, a Rocket customer based in Lima, Peru, specializes in creating technology tools that help businesses solve their critical problems and grow their revenues. In 2019, they noticed the critical need for technology solutions to help the growing food truck industry. They developed Fudtrak and Fudtraker, two digital tools that enable food truck owners to manage everything from inventory to orders and payments from an app—and both powered by Rocket technology.

The Challenge

With their low cost of entry and ability to encourage mobile dining, food trucks are giving entrepreneurs and chefs everywhere the capability to enter the restaurant business in a convenient manner. For many, these food trucks are their first foray into the business of restaurant and dining experiences. The format has also been particularly advantageous for minority entrepreneurs; one survey of the Chicago food truck scene found that roughly 80 percent were minority-owned small businesses.

The challenge is that, because most of these food trucks are small, family-owned and represent the owners’ first forays into business, many food truck entrepreneurs don’t have access to the same resources that large restaurants and chains use to manage and market their products. This can leave them at a disadvantage and can make maintaining their business more difficult. 

Alcomtec and Rocket’s collaboration

That’s where Alcomtec’s Fudtrak and Fudtraker solutions come in. One of the biggest challenges for food trucks is locating them. As they frequently move to different locations, customers can get confused when looking for their favourite place. To solve that problem, Alcomtec developed Fudtracker, a mobile app that helps customers find their favorite food trucks. Some of the features include directions to registered food trucks through Google Maps integration, social media integration, the ability to view up-to-date menus, and the ability to call a food truck through the app. “Fudtraker lets people search for specific food trucks, or discover which food trucks are near them,” says Jaime Luna, president of Alcomtec. One of the biggest issues facing food trucks is marketing to customers, and Fudtracker helps with that.

The other application, Fudtrak, offers inventory management at the recipe level and a POS solution that’s optimized for web and mobile. It also offers a configurable dashboard that gives owners at-a-glance insights into their operations. 

Both applications were built using the Rocket UniData® application platform, integrating services to flesh out the mobile and web interfaces. Since food trucks are often on the go, having mobile capabilities was especially important. The app is hosted using a public cloud service, making it easy for the app to scale cost-effectively as demand increases. As a MultiValue database platform, Rocket UniData allows for a flexible framework that accelerates web application development timetables. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Working with Alcomtec to develop the Fudtrak and Fudtraker apps was a unique experience for Rocket. These solutions directly help and empower entrepreneurs across the globe. Having the ability to see the positive impact these apps are making in the lives of entrepreneurs helped us further realize the importance of technology solutions in changing lives. As Luna notes, “UniData and Rocket Software have unequivocally been an asset in our mission to empower small business entrepreneurship,” and we’re happy to continue to strive towards that mission.

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