• June 25, 2022

Legendary Help: Modernizing the retail customer experience

Online shopping has taken off across all industries, and has only been amplified by the recent pandemic. Groceries, clothes, pre-made meals or household supplies—everything you could imagine is accessible now through the click of a button on your computer or phone. This is extremely beneficial to the customer, who can now access anything they need, regardless of location. Unfortunately, it has created issues for retailers, as they need modern and agile mobile and web-friendly interfaces for shopping. 

A Rocket customer, who provides retail management software to companies across the globe needed help creating more user-friendly web and mobile portals. They turned to us to help them modernize.

The Challenge

As consumers turn to online ordering and delivery for everyday necessities, retailers are creating more user-friendly web and mobile portals to make their customers’ lives easier. This means having efficient merchandising solutions that can be kept up-to-date. When products sell out, retailers need to be agile to ensure they are replenished immediately. Their inventory always needs to be accurate and available. As a retail management solution, our client knew that the retailers relying on their products needed easy-to-use systems in place to keep them running. They needed software solutions that were intuitive and easy to navigate to give them the competitive advantage in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space.

The Solution

To solve the challenge of modernizing the software interface, the customer selected Rocket® LegaSuite® Web. Rocket LegaSuite makes the development of rich web and mobile user experiences easy, increasing satisfaction for end-users. By allowing users to modernize their solutions continually, they can easily stay ahead of the competition. 

For this Rocket customer, the ability to modernize their retail management solution easily was pivotal. They wanted to time the modernization project with their next software release, which meant recreating their entire user interface using Rocket LegaSuite Web. They needed to quickly rebuild over 4,000 screens, which—assuming one day per screen to build, test and deliver manually in HTML5—could have taken nearly 20 years to complete. With LegaSuite Web, they managed to complete the project in just over 18 months, in time for their software release.

The update was further supported by Rocket’s Professional Services team, which was able to guide the project and keep it on track. The customer is now building an in-house LegaSuite expertise team, with Rocket increasing the development team’s productivity by providing additional training to their staff. The company is also considering the addition of the Rocket Aldon ALM and DevOps suite to manage their development process.

Supporting Modernization

With more industries relying on online sales, the need for modern and user-friendly software solutions is expected to increase. During the pandemic, online sales are contributing significantly to companies’ bottom lines, but they’re also contributing to the wellbeing of people around the world. Everyone needs easy access to necessary products and household items. By applying our deep technical knowledge to global problems, Rocket is able to partner with outstanding businesses to bring these solutions to market faster.

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