• October 20, 2020

Legendary Help: Powering the secure movement of funds for businesses

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in organizations. With more people relying on technology for everyday tasks, businesses know that they need to keep up. Many look towards digital transformation strategies for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. In the financial industry, more advanced applications and tools are enabling real-time financial notifications, streamlined payments, and more. In order to keep businesses and people running properly, banking solutions must be reliable, efficient, and robust. 

A Rocket client in the financial sector noticed that their customers were moving towards an increasingly digital environment. As a provider of technology solutions to banks, credit unions, and securities processing organizations, they needed to keep up with the demand by developing a customer site that could process transactions with speed and reliability—every day.

The Challenge

This financial client delivers its signature line of IBM® i-based banking systems to small and medium-sized businesses. Their solutions ensure transactions remain seamless and secure across organizations across the globe. 

When the company came to Rocket with their problem, they knew that their new client site needed to be as efficient as their solutions. The client also needed to have a comprehensive system that could effectively track development at customer sites. Since many of their customers required enhancements to meet business requirements, the new system needed to manage the development process accurately and consistently.

The Solution

Having helped many financial services clients, Rocket knew exactly how to support this company in developing a robust customer platform. Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager was built specifically for IBM i solutions. The platform lets businesses deploy applications in complex, multiplatform production environments faster, with fewer software defects and deployment glitches, and with compliance. For the financial sector, it provides robust and secure environments, which is important for keeping sensitive data safe. 

As they needed solutions for their own internal development and their customers’ sites, the financial services company used Rocket Aldon to manage both processes on the same platform. With Rocket Aldon’s quick reporting capabilities, the customer could see exactly what changes were made to their systems and when the changes took place. 

Helping Customer Transform

The financial industry runs on legacy technology. Mainframes like the IBM z and IBM i power our global economy. These systems are secure and efficient, yet sometimes they need to be modernized. That’s where we come in. We help our customers update these amazing systems to bring innovative new solutions. The financial sector is essential to many aspects of our everyday life. And it’s important for us to support their solutions. 

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