• October 20, 2020

Legendary Help: Promoting access to and the preservation of essential resources

In an effort to manage our resources and create a more sustainable future, priorities in communities are shifting. They rely on clean drinking water, energy-efficient infrastructure, and effective waste management to survive and to create a better future. For those who have access to these vital resources, it is important that they are constantly functioning at a high level. That’s why service providers need to optimize operations and technology that support their delivery.

When a resources management company approached us for help to regulate, automate, and gain visibility into their application development lifecycle, we were happy to help.

The Challenge

This resources management company needed help managing their IBM i application lifecycle, especially given regular Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance audits, which meant that application documentations had to be consistently updated. The company wanted to automate the time-consuming tasks of documenting, reporting, and providing consistent visibility into the changes made in their applications. Most importantly though, they wanted to prevent “code collision,” where developers were overwriting each other’s code. Due to the number of contract workers they relied on—who wouldn’t always document their work—this was happening more frequently. It was also impacted because of code generators. 

Instances of code collision made it difficult to know which programs were being referenced as development teams progressed further on a project. Developers couldn’t tell whether they were working on the same program at the same time, causing frustration and hours of lost work and wasted effort. They needed a process that could track code and enable better collaboration. 

The Solution

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager was the perfect solution for automating processes and helping with collaboration. Built specifically for integration with IBM i, it allows for quicker and more compliant application deployment. By eliminating manual efforts, it can also help reduce costs and errors, while speeding up delivery times. 

After the resources management company implemented Rocket Aldon, they managed to prevent numerous development collisions. As projects move from the development stages, the software can manage and automate modifications. And because changes are now tracked throughout the project lifecycle, developers can see when and what modifications have been made. This has helped to reduce code collisions dramatically, as developers don’t need to manually document their work. 

It has also helped the company save time by enabling better visibility into their application development processes. Instead of spending time on documentation, their teams can now focus on delivering services that support cost savings and sustainability goals.

Creating a Sustainable Future

With proper technology solutions, resources can be managed, solutions can be more efficient, and we can work together to create a more sustainable future. Providing essential resources to communities is crucial, and we’re proud to have worked on this project to meet sustainability goals.

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