• May 17, 2022

What is Modernization?

I was asked as part of our Ask Rocket program to answer the question “What is Modernization?”

In product roadmap meetings, customer conversations and discussions with analyst firms, we grapple with that every day here. We begin with a platform that feels anything-but-modern—the IBM i—and discuss the myriad of ways that perception is wrong.

IBM i is at the core of thousands of companies around the world, from banks to retailers to manufacturing plants. Every single day, our customers are extending this platform in ways that feel decidedly current by:

  • Exploring the cloud options for Power and IBM i platforms, hosting production, development and data protection solutions
  • Applying AI and Machine Learning to applications running on their IBM i systems
  • Identifying ways that automation and integration can expand the reach of IBM i applications and data

We’re also seeing customers using Rocket technologies to modernize their applications:

Front-end modernization: Orchard Brands shaved 50 seconds off order processing time by moving from a green screen to a modern GUI, increasing customer satisfaction, easing training for seasonal employees and growing transaction volumes. 

Deep integration: With new APIs and interconnection between their core policy and claim systems and the front-end agent portal, Frontline Insurance automated updates across both applications and make enhancements much faster. 

Modernizing the development process itself: CIMB Niaga, an Indonesian bank, implemented a DevOps workflow with Rocket software to replace a set of un-integrated tools and align all 60 developers towards the same goals, code base, and release cadence. 

I took a few minutes to record a video response to this question, here at Ask Rocket. If you have a question, feel free to submit it – we’d love to hear from you!

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Christopher Wey joined Rocket Software in 2020 as the President of the Rocket business unit that develops IBM i solutions and cross-platform utilities. Chris brings two decades of experience leading product organizations, transforming companies through organic and inorganic growth, and driving business strategy. Prior to joining Rocket, he was Senior Vice President at Carbonite, where he led two lines of business as well as corporate development and strategic partnerships. In the past, Chris was Vice President of Strategy, Technology, and Business Development for Avaya Client Services, and a range of positions at IBM.


  • Abel Willium Reply

    February 11, 2022 at 9:37 am

    Thanks for sharing the valuable content. Nowadays every company works on Application modernization is a process when a company updates or redesigns its existing software to align it with emerging needs in a better way and to extract more value.

    Keep sharing the updates .

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