• January 28, 2022

Announcing Rocket.Build 2020

In a year full of unexpected events, there is one certainty: we must adapt and find better ways to accomplish our goals. Between working remotely and reducing travel, there have been many changes across our organization. But in the face of change and uncertainty, we wanted an important Rocket tradition to continue on.

Starting today, and continuing throughout August and into September, we will be launching our annual Rocket.Build event. We strive to inspire innovation and deliver legendary results every day, and this hackathon embodies the spirit of that. It’s about finding solutions to complex questions, and now more than ever, we need to work together to address real-world issues. 

To illustrate how innovation can thrive—even in a pandemic—Rocket.Build will be entirely virtual this year. Every Thursday in August, round one will take place, where our teams will collaborate and build by video chats, phone calls, and other virtual means necessary to bring their amazing projects to life. On August 20th and 27th, participants will gather online to present their innovations to their peers and the judges. The top projects will move onto round two, where for four consecutive days in September, they will continue to build, innovate, and design their projects. Rocket.Build will culminate in mid-September with the crowning of our 2020 winners, all done virtually. 

This year’s Rocket.Build theme is especially relevant right now, given recent global events, like COVID-19, which are shaping the future. We are using this as an opportunity to explore the different ways we can navigate the new normal, how we can help businesses succeed, and how Rocket can lead with our values of empathy, humanity, trust, and love. In difficult situations, Rocketeers thrive, which is why this year’s theme is #BeLegendary. 

There are two ways that Rocketeers and participants can Be Legendary in this year’s Rocket.Build:

  1. From Rocket With Love: In the face of the pandemic, the need for innovation is stronger than ever. By leading with our values of empathy, humanity, trust, and love, we hope that Rocket.Build will create solutions that can help customers during these difficult times.
  2. Protect & Stabilize: For our customers, 2020 has been a year of survival, growth, and winning under difficult circumstances. As a customer-centric business, Rocket succeeds when they succeed. This theme aims to help us and our customers lead in our chosen markets. High-performance and customer-centricity form the basis of the results that we deliver. 

To bring the Rocket community together, we’ve opened up the event to Rocketeets, partners, and customers. Professional developers, tech-savvy individuals, or people simply interested in finding solutions were invited to join our community of innovators who want to discover impactful answers to important problems in the world today. We’re looking forward to working as a team to inspire solutions to these big issues.

Running an organization always presents challenges, but 2020 tested the resilience of Rocket and of our customers. We hope that you’ll join us in this year’s Rocket.Build as we innovate, experiment, and grow. Because if there’s ever a time we need our community, it’s now.

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