• September 28, 2020

Legendary Help: Feeding communities in need

Access to food is one of the most important things for any community. Unfortunately, food deserts exist across the U.S., where low-income neighborhoods do not have access to a supermarket. Although these areas have existed for years, they’ve recently seen increased attention. Researchers have discovered links between lack of access to healthy food options and high rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases among America’s poor.

Rocket client Juice Plus+, a health and wellness company famous for its juice powder concentrate products, committed to helping those who were food insecure. The company decided to donate 10 million of its Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes to individuals who have limited access to daily nutrition. But getting millions of nutritional shakes to individuals across the country is logistically complex. When the company embarked on its 10 Million Meals initiative, it knew it needed robust technology solutions. 

The Problem

To enable continued access to its products, Juice Plus+ relies heavily on digital technologies. However, the sheer scale of the 10 Million Meals initiative meant that the company needed to ensure that these technologies were functioning properly. It needed a database solution that could efficiently scale with any increase or decrease in production or distribution. Luckily, Juice Plus+ has a strong IT infrastructure partner Paradigm Systems, a Rocket Software partner. Paradigm provides Juice Plus+ with the tools needed to keep its infrastructure functioning at peak performance.

The Solution

Paradigm Systems’ Mercury Flash software is specifically designed to manage and tune the Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse application development platforms. Collectively known as Rocket U2, these fast, flexible, and secure solutions can manage the needs of modern businesses. The key differentiators for UniData and UniVerse are their MultiValue database models, which are more efficient than other database models. They also accelerate application development time. 

Juice Plus+ values its partnership with Paradigm Systems, as the software keeps their systems performing at their best. This has helped them succeed in the 10 Million Meals program, as well as in other initiatives. One of the strategic advantages of the Mercury Flash solution is the connection with Rocket’s UniData and UniVerse database application platforms. “From manufacturing to logistics to distribution, UniData and UniVerse have the flexibility and the scalability to support our growth. And Mercury Flash keeps it all running,” says Parker Mabry, senior director of global information technology for Juice Plus+. In the extremely competitive health and wellness space, these efficient and cost-effective solutions have given them a competitive advantage.

Making a Difference

We were inspired by Juice Plus+’s commitment to helping food insecure individuals access nutritional options. When our partner, Paradigm Systems, mentioned the 10 Million Meals program, we were happy that our Rocket U2 solutions could help. In an industry where the prevailing attitude is rip-and-replace, Juice Plus+’s decision to continue to leverage this tried-and-true platform to benefit needy Americans is a testament to Rocket U2’s capabilities.

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