• July 6, 2022

Legendary Help: Providing access to food resources

Access to food is vital to communities across the globe. People rely on grocery stores and restaurants, and they assume that they will have a consistent ability to get the products they need. That’s why food distribution companies need to be dependable and need to run 100 percent of the time. For one Rocket client that supplies packaged foods to restaurants, supermarkets, and the food service industry, that meant improving data management and visibility. 

The Challenge

To ensure that all communities have the proper access to food, distribution operations need to have robust and efficient data management systems. For a long time, the Rocket customer in food distribution operations relied on NetApp, a leading data storage system. But as their work expanded, they needed new solutions that would allow their infrastructure to run smoothly.

One of the main requirements for their new solutions was to have improved visibility into their NetApp storage arrays, which contained old data. They also needed an efficient, cost-effective way to manage the migration of their data to another object storage platform.


To help them migrate new data and organize inactive data, the company chose Rocket® Arkivio®. Arkivio is Rocket’s intelligent, automated data management and archiving software. It enables tiered storage, optimized backup, file system reporting, compliance, and archiving for unstructured data. It also makes it easy to implement a multi-vendor data management solution for seamless integration with NetApp.

Organizing inactive data is typically a manual, time-consuming affair, but using Arkivio allowed the company to automate and optimize the migration process and reduce the cost and time needed to complete traditional data management tasks. Since the company had a tight project roll-out timeline, these aspects were extremely important to keep the project on track. They also were concerned about a product issue that arose early in the implementation that caused problems with scanning data. To resolve the issue quickly, Rocket immediately assembled a team of developers and support specialists to create an action plan and help with the project rollout. A senior Rocket engineer also went on-site to test the new software build after the fix was applied, ensuring it was working as expected and providing additional client training. To save the company even more time, Rocket created customized policies for data management.

Efficient Solutions

In a fast-paced technology environment, Rocket Software is used to managing tight deadlines. These deadlines are particularly important when the customer provides vital resources to the community, such as food distribution. By leveraging our exceptional, customer-focused team, it took us just under two weeks to isolate the issue and resolve the problem. This helped the company quickly roll out their new project, create a more efficient data management strategy, and continue the important work that they do for their communities.

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