• August 17, 2022

Legendary Help: Saving the lives of emergency responders

Emergency responders are an important part of any city. They save lives, deliver vital medical services, and help to keep communities running. But in order to keep themselves running, they rely on a complex infrastructure to manage resources and information.

Pulsiam, a Rocket Software customer, develops technology solutions used by hundreds of public safety departments around the world. With their technology, first responders can optimize how they manage information and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. Their flagship product, SafetyNet, is powered by Rocket Software and helps to protect more than 100 million people while improving safety for responders in the field.

The Challenge

The goal of any piece of software is to make a task easier. Whether it’s an app to track expenses or a complex data archiving system, the engineers and programmers who create these pieces of technology set out to fix problems that people face in the real world. For Los Angeles-based Pulsiam, however, the mission—and the stakes—are much higher: they protect emergency workers when they are responding to accidents and natural disasters.

“When first responders are responding to incidents, they are in vulnerable situations.” says Henry Unger, who founded Pulsium in 1981. “That can mean the difference between life and death if there’s a crisis. For example, when crews are fighting a wildfire, sudden changes in wind can put them in danger.” That’s why Unger and his team have developed a full suite of tools that leverage real-time data to keep 911 centers, team commanders, and individual responders connected and informed. Those two factors are the most important when it comes to protecting the safety of first responders. It even helps save their lives.

The Solution: Dependability

The key to any emergency-response system is dependability. Technology solutions must work 100 percent of the time—no matter the situation. Dispatchers in communication centers and responders in the field don’t have the luxury of rebooting or trying again in a few minutes. Every second counts, because their safety is dependent on having complete, up-to-date information at their fingertips. 

That’s why Pulsium relies on Rocket® UniVerse, a core component of Rocket MV. Not only is the MV platform extremely reliable, but it also has the flexibility for specific enhancements to be made quickly. It’s incredibly easy to integrate the latest technologies with UniVerse, which allowed Pulsium to integrate iPhone applications with their MV-based SafetyNet systems long before industry competitors did. 

The recent integration of down-to-the-millisecond DateTime data, time zones, and geospatial data calculations in Pulsiam’s SafetyNet applications is another example of UniVerse’s agility. It can efficiently respond to critical requirements.

Evolving with Customer Needs 

When Pulsiam was founded, the technology landscape was very different than it is today. The only available mobile communications devices were walkie-talkies and CB radios. Most emergency response systems were powered using terminals connected to minicomputers and mainframes. Command centers used whiteboards and maps with pins to track incidents. Things that we now take for granted were unimaginable. 

It was a very different time, and the idea of sharing data in real time didn’t exist, but Unger knew that they needed architecture that would be adaptable as technology progressed. Almost 40 years later, Rocket MV is still powering Pulsiam’s products and helping them make a real difference in the world. “Everyone wants to be the ‘cool kid’ with the latest toys, but the reality is that our top concerns are flexibility, reliability, and scalability.” says Unger. “And nothing matches Rocket MV to meet those concerns.”

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