• August 17, 2022

New Product Offering Renews Rocket’s Commitment to Open Source Software

Why can’t mainframes have a desktop like other computers? Can we find a way into the mainframe that is lightweight and has zero-install for the end-user? Can the mainframe be so open and modern that it becomes the standard platform for enterprise application development?

These were the questions that led Rocket to start developing open-source software for the mainframe. Since then, we’ve partnered with IBM® and Broadcom/CA to build the foundation for this open source initiative. We’ve also been working with the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project™ (OMP), which focuses on increasing collaboration across the mainframe community. OMP also hosts Zowe™, an open-source framework for leveraging data and applications which was developed alongside IBM and Broadcom/CA. Earlier this month, we even released the first commercial terminal emulator solution for Zowe, Rocket® BlueZone® Web for Zowe.

Our dedication to open source is embedded in our belief that it is the future of legacy technology. Organizations and institutes that fail to embrace this are going to be left behind. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest product offering for open source on the mainframe: Rocket® Open AppDev for Z. We’ve worked in the open source environment for years and understand the most common challenges facing customers who are interested in porting open software to the IBM® Z®: user and system programmer experience, security, and version latency. This product aims to address these challenges, leading to the widespread adoption of open source. 

By porting well-known open software to Z, developers can harness the power of the mainframe without having to spend months learning new skills. This helps it become another valuable platform for DevOps to leverage in their CI/CD pipelines. With our new product, customers can harness our world-class support for the 20 IBM z/OS ported languages and tools available in the product.  

With security and compliance as common barriers to mainframe open source adoption, demand for the ability to control and limit users’ access has increased. Rocket Open AppDev for Z meets this demand through our secure delivery and deployment system for all our open source ports. Mainframe customers can restrict channels to guarantee only trusted sources, and either set up a file channel for fully airtight systems or deploy their own channel server on their network. And because it’s dependency aware, when you install a product you can rest assured that the correct and compatible versions of any dependencies are also automatically installed.

Version latency can quickly occur because the majority of open source projects do not have access to mainframe and cannot integrate into their supported platforms. These undermanaged solutions can lead to security vulnerabilities. Behind the scenes, we’ve solved this problem with automated porting technology. Automated porting will not only ensure you’re using the most current version of the software, it will allow us to introduce open software to Z more efficiently, enabling you to bring applications to market faster! 

With our new product offering, we believe we’ve provided the most innovative, secure path forward for our customers looking to adopt open source. Our software model helps mitigate the risks associated with open software, offering a solution that provides developers with open tools and languages they want, along with the security, easy management, and support IBM Z customers require. 

In 2020 and beyond, we will be focusing our innovation on creating tools that will help people access, use, and benefit from the incredibly powerful systems that have proved themselves for decades. Developing new open-source software, tools, and products will only extend the amazing results that this technology powers.

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Milan Shetti is Rocket's President and CEO. He joined Rocket in 2020 as President, Z Systems Business Unit. Prior to joining Rocket, Milan held various senior executive leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, both as a business leader and technologist. He was most recently the SVP and General Manager of the Storage and Big Data Business Unit, and was previously CTO for HPE’s Datacenter Infrastructure group covering Compute, Storage and Networking products. Milan holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Minnesota and MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University. He has served on various program teams evaluating research papers, and enjoys mentoring as well as reading scientific journals—especially publications from the IEEE and ACM.


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