• August 15, 2022

Open Source on the Mainframe: The Open Mainframe Summit and Our Commitment to Modernization

When people think of mainframes, they often think of outdated systems. In reality, mainframes are critical to many industries and process 30 billion business transactions daily. Over the past 30 years, Rocket has remained dedicated to its goal of modernizing legacy systems. This includes our longtime commitment to building open source software for the mainframe. Along with the Linux Foundation and the Open Mainframe Project, we’ve been working on solutions that will make mainframes more accessible and collaborative. That’s why we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of and participation in the Open Mainframe Summit

This inaugural event will take place over two days from September 16 to 17 with the goal of bringing together mainframers to share best practices, discuss interesting topics, learn technical insights, and network. The Open Mainframe Summit will be entirely virtual with keynote presentations, sessions, and panels from industry experts. 

We’re excited to participate in an event that will help elevate legacy systems and expand their use in the decades to come. You can find Rocket in one of our six panels, where Rocketeers will be sharing their insights on the modernization of critical technology.

Keynote: Creating an Innovation Layer on the Mainframe: Modern, Smart, Open, and Secure

September 16th, 10:15am EDT
Milan Shetti, President, Z Systems Business Unit 

As businesses shift to open-source, hybrid cloud, AI, and more, many institutes that run on IBM Z are wondering how to adjust to this new reality. The good news? It’s easier than ever to implement a modern, smart “innovation later” into your Z environment. Milan Shetti will explain how new tools and processes can give businesses the resilience and flexibility needed to face today’s challenges and new opportunities in the future.  

Panel: A New World is Dawning: The Mainframe Imperative that Lies Before Us

September 16th, 11:00am EDT
Featuring Tim Willging, Distinguished Engineer

The world is quickly changing in unexpected ways. With shifts in business models, political climates, and demographics, reliance on the mainframe has remained unwavering. A panel of experts will answer questions on where the world is headed, how it will impact the mainframe, and how an open mainframe platform can help organizations face the unexpected.

Session: An Open Source Delivery and Deployment Model for the Security Conscious

September 16, 1:00pm EDT
Peter Fandel, Senior Director of Product Management

Open source software and the mainframe world have differing priorities. The open source software world is about public involvement, easy access, and easy contribution. The mainframe world focuses on extreme security, trusted sources, and high standards. This presentation will explain how mainframe administrators can merge these seemingly contradictory worlds by leveraging conda.

Keynote: Building upon Zowe: How Rocket is building commercial software for Zowe users

September 17, 10:00am EDT
Sean Grady, Senior Software Architect
Haseeb Jawad, Director of Product Management

As modernization is now a strategic imperative, it has become increasingly important for businesses to expand their offerings alongside open source software. This keynote address will examine the importance of commercial products for open source and how Rocket partnered with the Open Mainframe Project to create the first commercial terminal emulator solution for Zowe.

Panel: Observability in Mainframe DevOps

September 17, 1:55pm
Featuring Julie Bergh, World Wide Lead, Security Executive

Although mainframe development teams were the first to employ DevOps practices, when most people today think of DevOps, they think of distributed platforms. However, more businesses have recently employed mainframes for their DevOps lifecycle. DevOps goes beyond technology and monitoring extends beyond simply gathering log data. This panel will discuss the concept of “observability,” its strong human element in organizational culture, and how it’s becoming prominent in the DevOps lifecycle.

Session: Leveraging Open Source and Hybrid Cloud for zOS: A Rube Goldberg Evolution to COTS Value

September 17, 1:55pm
Jim Porrell, Solutions Advisors Director

Attend most user groups on the mainframe, and you’ll learn all about how new technologies have been built and how they work. But what about how you can use them? In this session, you’ll find some examples of new technologies for the mainframe that are being used by businesses to improve their IT environments. These new capabilities are helping to evolve the mainframe in a consistent way with other platforms.

If you would like to learn more about open source software on the mainframe, we invite you to register for the Open Mainframe Summit. We hope you’ll join us from September 16-17!

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