• January 28, 2022

Rocket.Build 2020: Connecting to Solve Real-World Problems

With most of the world plugged into a remote lifestyle at the moment, Rocket Software has embraced the new normal to hold its first-ever virtual hackathon event. In an effort to engage partners and Rocketeers across the globe, Rocket.Build is connecting teams online to tackle real-world issues. 

This is my third Rocket.Build event, having participated for the first time in 2018, and I hope I have the opportunity to participate in many more to come. To me, Rocket.Build is not just a fun event for programmers to compete in—it also helps us engage with customers, partners and engineers to develop solutions to pressing challenges. 

This mindset aligns perfectly with the theme of Rocket.Build 2020: “From Rocket with Love.” In light of the global pandemic, it challenges all Rocketeers to respond to customer issues with our values of empathy, humanity, trust, and love. By applying these values and our knowledge, creativity and skills, we can create solutions that make a legendary impact on the world. 

My team in Dalian managed to create a total of eight separate Rocket.Build teams. Three of the projects came directly to us from an MV partner, and the others were developed by sales and development engineers. I have high expectations for these projects, not only because they are trying to solve customer issues, but also because they aim to provide a better customer experience through modernization.

Although the coronavirus lockdown has prevented us from physically meeting and building together, effective collaboration is still essential. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to create something valuable in such a short time. To facilitate this, our teams have come to rely on powerful digital collaboration tools. Thanks to Rocket, our engineers are able to exchange information and ideas with their peers and partners instantly, using video conferencing and communication tools. These tools have been essential to our projects, allowing us to feel the same sense of community as past Rocket.Builds.

The three teams that are developing customer solutions have also employed agile development principles. By focusing on the most valuable features of the project first, they have been able to collaborate with their partners to obtain early and frequent feedback. Our engineers and partners have both been shocked by their joint achievements!

Although it’s virtual, Rocket.Build 2020 has still been a great experience for me and my team. We’re still able to spend time exploring new innovations, which we don’t always have the chance to do during normal working hours. If you missed this year, make sure you don’t miss out on the next Rocket.Build. It’s worth it!

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Based in Dalian, Guocheng Sui is a Senior Engineer Manager of MultiValue Application Server in the Database & Connectivity Business Unit. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and child, playing basketball, and jogging.


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