• May 17, 2022

Rocket.Build 2020: Highlighting our Finalists Part 2

With 51 fantastic finalists, it was clearly hard to narrow down our top projects this year. Overall, we had 450 Rocketeers from 14 countries build projects that represented 50% of all functions at Rocket. And in an effort to showcase our global participants, we’re highlighting a few more top projects from Rocket.Build. 

Zowe Plugin for Build Your Own UI (BYOUI)

Team members: Janaki, Guransh, Neeraj and Harish

Build Your Own User Interface (BYOUI) is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Visual UI builder, which will be available as a Zowe plugin. The user can easily build UI by simply dragging and dropping widgets onto a canvas. The user can also adjust the placement and layout of the widgets. After laying out the widgets, the user can bind the widgets to the input/output of the various REST APIs that are available and listed in the plugin UI. The layout information along with the widget to API bindings information is used to generate a dynamic HTML page with an unique shareable URL. This plugin can potentially be used to create personal dashboards or provide UI for REST APIs available in other Zowe plugins.

Dr. Zowe

Team members: Keisuke Kamada, Koshiro Arai, Yufuko Hidaka and Yasuko Matsumura

Dr. Zowe is an easy troubleshooter for anyone who uses Zowe applications. The team’s goal is to help users resolve Zowe problems by providing an automated diagnosis service and giving proper suggestions for problem-solving through simple user interface. During the phase 1 demonstrations of Rocket.Build, we showed a simple troubleshooting scenario for a typical login issue by using Dr. Zowe. In the final round, they are thinking of enhancing the tool to address more complex issues that might occur on Zowe itself or applications served by Zowe.

Roadmap Builder

Team Members: Joe Sacco, Scott Tran, Kate Wheat and Megan Yee

To currently create internal product roadmaps, Product Managers and Development Managers must take the information from Jira and manually update a PowerPoint presentation. The Roadmap Builder project aims to increase efficiency and reduce potential errors from this process by generating product roadmaps automatically from Jira as uniform PowerPoint presentations. The tool is able to process information from Jira for a particular product and create a PowerPoint that neatly formats the necessary content, including the feature summary, what category it belongs to, and links to the original Jira ticket. The Roadmap Builder also generates different types of roadmaps, including a customer roadmap that explains the features using fewer development-specific terminology. Their goal was to allow Product Managers and Development Managers to update only Jira, instead of both Jira and an offline PowerPoint, so the roadmaps can be always up-to-date, with less effort. 

Looking to the finals, they hope to improve the tool with input from future users. After several demonstrations, they’ve collected the suggestions for improvements to tackle. To help in this new effort, they added a new team member: Joe Sacco, Senior Director of Db2 Utilities and Tools. With his experience, he can help improve the usage and adoption of the Roadmap Builder beyond Rocket.Build 2020. The team is looking forward to finding out what functionalities can be added in the final road.

Rocket MV Data Management Python Module

Team Members: Mike Rajkowski, Paul Chang, Larry Schoenleber and Michael Stapleton

For their use case, this team looked at importing data from JSON to a Rocket MultiValue Database, and wanted to extrapolate on what would be needed to facilitate data management. The goal of their project was to Provide Python Module(s) to reveal/expose object oriented services to facilitate the automation of Information Processing operations. 

Application Developers, Solution Architects and Data Scientists must work with data from various sources in many forms, and for many uses including but not limited to: Reporting, compliance, governance and analytics. Good data management also promotes stability performance and accuracy of information. Data is only as valuable as the information and knowledge that can be derived from it. In order to facilitate the use of data, users also need sound data management tools. 

Not all MultiValue Data users are Python programmers and understanding that, this team set out to provide a prototype of an application for non-programmers. For the next stage of Rocket.Build, they will be building the wire-frame, in addition to expanding on their base Python Module and prototypes.

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